Tuesday, 7 January 2014

if people are pissed off that the m9ilk is running down the street

you should have bought the cow,

don't get pissed off at me if I
share my milk with those interested,

what, you don't keep your wife in bed,

someone will,

if you're pissed of that your wife is
blowing other guys, you never
should have kicked her out of bed,

everyone needs a place to stay,

if your wife is blowing other guys,
look in the mirror genius,

if you kick your wife & kids & the
cat out of the house they'll be
forced to find a place to stay huh,

don't kick your family out if you
don't want them to find a new

who'd the genius, you or them for
finding a better place to stay,

you throw the baby out with the
bath water, someone is bound to
pick it up if you don't want it,

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