Wednesday, 1 January 2014

I wonder how many war movies Reagan used to masterbate to,

I know a guy who loves slayer &
a band called cannibal corpse,
like all their other fans he probably
licks the CD case before he goes
to bed,

dunno why but all those types of
fans of bands like that go one or
two steps further than just a

dunno why it is bands like slayer
& cannibal corpse that have
fans that trade in their masculity
for bitchery & no doubt dream
of the day they show up on a
white horse,

I always thought chicks needed
a white horse, I guess guys
these days can be ok with that
if blowing a tough & violent guy
make you tough & violent too,

slayer became big & cool
saying the word satan, I
wonder how many pastors are
big & tough too now,

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