Wednesday, 1 January 2014

tale of the tape

had a doctor years ago, one of his comments to
me was that he approves of sex before marriage,

years later he got pinched for raping some of his
female patients, back then if I had the same ear as
I do now if I heard him say that the first time all
over again I'd definitely know his fate & be
waiting for it,

nuff said, I've heard others talk as well,

nice huh, still waiting for Christmas but
i know it will get here,

makes the pain I go through on a daily basis
worth waiting for Christmas,

I don't have one of these cuz of the kick
start I was initiated with,

I do a lot of very natural things that shaman
in ancient days would do, twigs leafs, seed
pods for tea, if we were back in the 1700s
I'd be burned for witch craft,

in canada & other nations, most likely the
world it's illegal to be alive,

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