Tuesday, 3 December 2013

a while back

I had a dream of my mom hanging herself,

I have reason to believe she has been
breaking into my place on a regular basis,

if you know metals, know not to temper
them too hard cuz if they are struck on
anything hard they will break,

I believe my mom is coming down to the
last of her fevered pitch & will hang herself
soon due to her meddling in my life too much,

if you look into another s life too much the
pressure of wondering whether others are
looking into yours ups the ante & the
paranoia becomes too strong, like
sharpening an edge too much for the job
& finally it is like a person who cant keep
up with the pace & pressure of ones own
life till they break & off themselves,

I'm waiting for my mom & her paranoia &
the pressure of her looking into my life to
be too much for her & she will not be able
to out race the edge she has put on her
behavior in breaking into my place


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