Sunday, 8 December 2013

her mother brother hate me in that order,

street lights,

we eat shaz like you for breakfast,

oh ya, you a wigga fan then huh,

the favorite candy of yo momma is M&Ms,
Africans abstain,

I believe due to the 4 rivers of Eden
there are 4 races, white, black asian
& indo,

Pison white, gihon african, hiddekel
asian possibly & Euphrates for indo,

Pison whites & the angelic

Gihon the river of Ethiopia the banks
that all Africans migrated from, the
demonic from the skin,

Hidekel the animal kingdom

& the Euphrates possibly the Indo &
the flora,

Pison pisces,

Lucifer the first african a beutiful woman,
the second son, very prescious to the
Lord, Jay says that prostitutes & tax
collectors will enter heaven before the
righteous, unless you know what a
woman is you don't know what a prostitute
 is, the demonic, every one being purified
over these the millennial reign that started
after the Lord passed over,

the tax collectors are the saved chastening
the wicked,

the man who is the 144,000 singers or
the virgin will wed the New Jerusalem
who is a purified Lucifer,

all races & genders are judged differently,

each has their own specific things held for them,
some more or less leniently judged, whites are
given a huge job & if they don't measure up to
the responsibility, whack,

Paul said women are saved in child birth, just
try to think what that means if you know
what woman is, I don't know everything
but I do know a lot,

my love for Africans stems for my care of
a very beautiful prostitute I'm waiting to
see cleansed, booyah,

what would heaven be without the women hey,
or their family members, booyah,

the look of Mandela's wrinkles shows he
knew he did his job in what he wanted
done, those are the lines of success on
his face,

the guy was a prophet for his people,
he paid the dues of an entire nation,

my belief of African slavery is this, the
one shining bloom of slavery was this
 my assumption, shattered feet & ankles
from the chains, & a possible blood in
the bones & a possible HGH activation
& the rise of a more powerful body in
 those who had family in chains,

that is my idea on the success of African
 bodies, a possible blood bone & HGH
activation for them & their lineage, about
a year or two ago I shattered both my
 feet,I was refused an x-ray by the hospital
& had to splint them myself with strips
of plastic bags & the acid before base
line of cream butter sugar coffee, after
three days healed, I am now possibly
waiting for my possible HGH activation
from so & my other actions to activate
 the HGH in dairy & other foods to
jump my DNA & to activate latent
characteristics of various foods,

if my sciences succeed as I believe they
will, mostly Africans & this I know due
 to things that any who are down from
my water system, my latent in various,
yep, DNA, & the activation of the
latent of the various, mostly African
cuz of the braze their Gods have
given me if you catch my swagger,

on top of that, my mom for years
playing head games on me to make me
believe I am African by descent, oh y
a, you can't convince me other wise
now, if I am her son, dunno why she
would do that but she did, & oh ya
you can't convince me other wise,

if I am her son & she just wanted to
game me, oh ya,I got the gift from
her of being a true wiggshausen, if
you catch my swagger, if I'm not
her son but kidnapped & of another
woman, I won't be surprised, cuz
it's what I believe now,

an aberration to a black woman is
what i believe,

if some you guys wanna do some
ground work to see if I really was
kidnapped & actually have a black
mom I'd be appreciative, if those
whites possibly kidnapped me from
a possible black mom, if I get what
I believe to get from God I will let
near not one white pass my rage,

if M&M is the plant for me a possible
black born black but fased white, &
I was the literal for the possible
allegory of M&M, not one white
will pass me for all days, unless
you are a prophet or apostle,

if I am the literal for a possible
M&M as the allegory of my life,
not one will pass unless you were a
judge of the Lord,

prostitutes & tax collectors who
pass, my theory is all africans &
the few whites who are righteous
as the tax collectors, my new
theory, all africans after the hooker
demonic & the few white righteous
as the tax collectors,

bitches unite,

bring me my mother,

if my now mom did kidnap me
where are the cops to pick her up,

if anyone is following this post why
no phone calls huh,

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