Tuesday, 24 December 2013

plasma, gas enmity repulsion energy,

electrified heavy oxygen,

heavy oxygen electrified by a nuclear gas,

if DU a metal can carry a current, make an
inert gas that is charged with a current, an
inert gas that can reflect it's self off of
particulate in it's space,

like a perpetual positive to positive or
negative to negative reaction,

a mixture of gasses that are in constant
repulsion from each other, a possible
perpetual motion of energy from the
repulsion of the field of gasses from
each other,

have 4-5 or up to 10 gas strains in
enmity with each other & every gas to
keep a perpetual energy off the non
ending enmity of each gas for each

4-5- 10 gasses in enmity with all other gasses,

the numbers in a phone book are near
unending due to re-calibrating, the
logarithmic combinations of even 10
gasses in enmity from each other, the
enmity could be unending as the possible
10 gasses combine in unending enmity
from each other,

the enmity creating, energy,

I dare not say that an atom has only
2 charges  & the electron being neuter,

imagine a 10 gas enmity in an enclosed
case, each gas having a different charge,
if the select charges of an atom can be
found, then the introduction of more
separate charges than just positive &
negative can be found to separately
charge each of the 10 gasses in enmity
from each other,

the difficulty would be ordering the
combinations to reflect from each other
like different phone numbers,m but if
separate charges for each gas can be
made, oh ya a lot of room for near
possibly perpetual energy off of 10
gasses in enmity with each other as
opposed to a positive & negative
finding an equator for a still in motion,

if there are gasses, solids, liquids &
frozen states there could possibly be
more than positive & negative &

possibly till the technology is there to
create more than the two known charges
that 10 or more gasses are designed to
have equal philic attraction for each other
& the gasses attracting to each other &
others coming along & tearing those bonds
apart & attracting those gasses in a
perpatual attraction & tearing away by other

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