Saturday, 7 December 2013

btw, a little part of my life, my Bane Sciences as well, like I said, educate your friends, nothing worse than no spears for the spartans, take one,

Export A Red, wow
real nice cigarette,
strong but smooth,

just got my first pack
tonight, been smoking
john players silver the
last 2 years when I

ExportA red, wow
nice kick in there,
bout the only thing
canadians do, possibly
make a nice cigarette,


big fan of Shocore &
Euro electronika,
most american music
is a waste of time,

big fan of Simon Bisley,
but I learned most of
my technique in painting
from looking at Luis Royo's
work, amazing erotica,

the guy's hand is so

I've used my knowledge of science to
evolve my intelligence & awareness &
my sensory perceptions, putting bottles
wrapped in coins batteries & magnets
on my speakers & drinking, putting wire
rim glasses on my antenna, drinking elm
& other tree leaf as tea,

electrosizing oil drinking & moisturizing
myself, bones magnets & batteries as
amulets, I have evolved the last two years
as I call it Baning myself,
 two years ago I was in the kamloops
psyche & shattered my feet from loading
 my shoe heels with pennies, I wrapped
them with strips of plastic bags & wore
more socks kept my shoes on did a few
100 calf raises every morning to loosen
my feet up, used science in terms of acid
before base like in high school chemistry
 for my butter, cream coffee & sugar &
nutria-sweet, I did this in hopes of activating
 the hgh in the dairy due to roids in beef &
dairy, after 1 day less pain & after a full three
days bang no pain & healthy, using science
 to activate the healing properties of activating
the hgh & juice in the cream& such,

acid before base for bone I believe, base
before acid for muscle is what I wanna find
out now,


nutria sweet,


for base before acid

post work out supp
lemon juice

just an example

I'm trying to find out now if base before acid is muscle,
haven't seen a result but I'm still trying to see with more

try to activate the properties of the foods & orders,

milk then a few splashes of lemon juice,

switch the sides your ear buds are om, from left to right
& right to left, it will shake your brain up like the
stimulus activating a learning curve due to a new form
of stimulus, oh ya after a while you feel the kick of
sensory perceptions, awareness consciousness, intelligence,
oh ya it shakes up the duldrums & creates a bigger
learning curve, switch back & forth on a regular basis,

rest a penny or dime on the top of plugs put into sockets,
if you put a current in your body you can reflect the wages
of the flames when there is a nuclear war like a field possibly,

light candles in your homes to eat up radiation & for a field
of energy,

orgone crystals,

males eating almonds for their boys, women eating
pumpkin seeds, if you get me here you know what
I'm saying, almonds for your eye sight, pumpkin for your
flesh, get me, you have cancer eat almonds or other seeds
use your discernment, to understand the rational of it,

cancer, olive oil, extra virgin, castor oil for tissues, if you've
ever had a pedicure it's the same feeling of your body being
fresh, I took 3-4 tbsp of castor oil for a few weeks & I
could feel the oil coming out in my skin, felt fresh & new,
very powerful cleansed feeling, don't use a lot use moderation
as it makes you regular, mix it with chocolate milk to make
it easier going down,

it's my belief that if you let cancer run it's full blossom that
it recedes & disappears on it's own like flowers, grows
matures, blossoms & recedes, most diseases are like this
I believe, it's the trauma of surgery & the health practices
that kill the patient not the diseases, nice huh,

no different than the possible STDs that Sarah may have
 had that receded one day to finally let her bear a child,
the possible STD she had may have receded & returned
to the health of her body, all it took was the possible
STD to blossom & receded,

don't drink water, drink teas,

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