Wednesday, 25 December 2013

portals in the ether, updates,

for cracking the portals into the dimension of the spirit,
create the frequencies that are made in the brain
from that of psychedelic drugs, turn those frequencies
into light,

project both the light & sound as one,

temper the light of the psychedelic mind frequency
like that of a timing belt's flickering light ,

possibly have a mist of water in the light to transfigure
solids or ethereal bodies possibly in the light, put a
resonance of the energy of the light to flash burn the
mist to precipitate the possible bodies in the light if
something possibly materializes,

flash the water mist with the same frequencies in terms
of radiation to fix the energy as a whole in the
magnetized body to hold the form with the magnetized
radiation like a body held together with like magnetized
water holding its form by the radiation magnetized to
hold form,

take the neuro  frequencies of a mind in REM sleep,
create a light with the frequency from the mind at sleep,
project it to a smoke or mist or body & put the
same frequency as a charge through out the entire
body that the light is projected to,

an addendum to the Russian doll theory, I created
in summer of 201,

possibly instead of vulcanized glass & metal the
use of Mylar ballons in side each other, ovular
Mylar ballong inside each other for the hardware
of the Russian dolls,

 have them charged & suspended by the opposite
polarity, each bag in opposite polarity to it's house
inside each house of mylar bags,

the exterior being in reverse polarity to the suspension
of the farest outerior bag,

the charge on the innerest & outerest being the frequency
charge of the frequency of a REM mind, or another project
as the frequency of the frequency of the mind or psychadelics,

have the outerest frequency to repulse the bags in the
REM frequency & other projects with the mind on

create a wave repluse on the exterior to draw out
suspensions that are possibly in those frequencies,
have a philic frequency farest out to pull out possibly
bodies in those frequency suspensions,

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