Saturday, 7 December 2013

I've heard that

most people want a world leader
who will wipe off most of the people
from the planet,

if they didn't want Hitler in power
why buck for another guy who they
seemingly wanted to do the same
or worse,

Lavey said the antichirst would be
40 or so by the 90s,

if most world leaders wanted a guy
like that why bother complaining
about what hitler did, he's seems to
be the bench mark for so many who
asked for the same,

some ask for a leader ruthless enough
to wipe out most of humanity, but
when they got Hitler, I guess he wasn't
bad enough I guess,

maybe another day they can get another
one & such a one can finish the work
they want a new guy to do,I imagine
perhaps Sieg heil wasn't detailed enough
& they can get a guy who can be more
let's say, complete,

people in the house of Jacob are so
worried for a red hiefer, but forget
about the clearing of the amazon for
 those to fit in a piece of paper ever
afternoon or post church service at
the local McD's,

lotta meat in a burger, but you can
always fit more during population
explosions un;less you wanna close
those mouths to save a red, but if all
that matters is the back pocket being
fat helps when you got more in the
beltway we could say,

nutting bulls since before I saiah says
not to, how easy could it be to come
by a red hiefer if you are weeding out
any chance of getting one, if there is
one yay, but if nutting the entire stock
weeds out most of the family, then
maybe there will only be one, I don't
believe sig heil was of you-ish stock
but maybe he was & he wanted to
be the only one,

no different than nutting all the bulls so
 he could be the only one,& yep, so
much fun putting a blade to an animal,
not my fun, but a lot of people seem to
be hoping for only one, my boy Isaiah
 tried to talk about that, got railed at,
but meh, alot of those are only hoping
for one & that is all, maybe one day
there will be one as it is such a popular
number in most media,

no one was happy enough with Jesus
hung, so they wiped the entire city one
of those days, if just your neighbor
wasn't good enough the entire family
might as well join in,

last year I came back from the kamloops
psych-ward & certain things were
missing from my apartment, I had
pennies over all my doors I thought
wow my talisman are gone, then in time
 I realized why people have talisman,
cuz if your home has a dog & one day
you come home & the dog is dead on
your lawn, well, my doctor calls that
 paranoid schizo, but if I see the walls
smeared with blood how paranoid am
I if I literally see the blood smeared on
the wall,

but meh it was just pennies, not good
enough for the cops to investigate, they
 told me to do my own investigation, I
guess losing only 10 or 15 cents isn't
good enough for chages unless it were
a twinkie stolen from my store,


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