Tuesday, 24 December 2013


if cancer or aids can hijack a body for
it`s own use as a parasitic symbiote,

is it possible to create a like aids or
cancer symbiote that doesn`t kill
it`s host but piggy backs the host,

a piggy back symbiote with like
virtues of aids & cancer that don`r
kill the host but amplify or act as
a true symbiote to create a hulk
or x-man type new being,

a piggy backed symbiote that doesn`t
kill it`s host but adds characteristics,

like immunizations supposedly create
anti-bodies, that an immunization
can introduce a piggy back symbiote
to add characteristics like a true symbiote
as a piggy back to create a new
version with ...

a combination of certain positive
characteristics of both aids & cancer
as a combination to alter a body,

cancer & it`s malignant growth factor &
aids` commander of a cell to enhance a
body, alter the cancer for more exceeding
growth & the commandeer effects of aids
to create a controlled replication in a body,

a possible hulk strain or wolverine strain,

the ampliphication of the cancer growth &
the fast solutioning of aids in a body to create
replication characteristics,

strain the vehicle immunization for specific
parts of the body like leukemia is a bone cancer
or other cancers predetermined for other
body parted cancers, but use a predetermined
cancer for the effects desired & the aids as a
solution for a more full bodied vehicle apart
from a cancer in one part of the body,

aids a solution & the cancer as the body
for aids the vehicle,

like aids the water & the cancer the salt
in the solution, one a vehicle & the other
the potentate, aids the vehicle & cancer
the potentate,

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