Thursday, 26 December 2013

be prepared

candles with coins underneath,

batteries magnets around,

coins or pennies on top of plugs in the walls,

bottles with coins magnets batteries taped to them & resting on your speakers, saline solution in the bottles,

put your pyrex pots on your speakers for a few hours to align the metals in the glass,

rest your mugs on the speakers for a few hours for the same,

boil your saline solution in those pots for tea,

magnet battery bangles on wrists & ankles,

I've done all this,

nuclear bombs are pretty much an electrically charged blast, you may be able to mitigate the blast with a reflect possibly,

I've done all this, oil bottles the same a tbsp in milk, moisturizing,

I'm pretty much done, that saline dumped in the water closet of my toilet, down the shower,

after 2 or 3 hours of pouring in in my shower I felt the issue of it in the atmosphere outside my apartment as I had a cigarette.

there is power bro,


btw sumpin I sent to Alan Watt,

King James Bible

revelations 18:10

Standing afar off for the fear of her torment,
saying, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon,
that mighty city! for in one hour is thy
judgment come.

if you two prophets are worth your salt, you'll
know this is coming, possibly very soon,

a ballistic nuclear attack on the USA,

when I don't know, but I believe it will be soon,

the fear of her torment,

those through out the rest of the world who made
so much money off the proliferation of the power
of the USA & the power & delicacies from her

oh ya, one of possibly near days she will be struck
down, & face the judgement of the Lord in her

stay away from major metropolis areas
from now on, stay in small towns or

the attack will be strategic & be big
on ruining centers known for finance,

I believe it will be china who does
this, breaking away from all accord
or defying agreements with other

i believe this may solely be a chinese
act, breaking from Russia or any others
who tried for a time of peace,

possibly the USA may strike up another
engagement, I believe that the USA will
one day turn on Israel, possibly if this
happens there could be a door opened
for china to strike at a stretched out
USA military,

like in the book of Daniel, the kings
go to war while the home front is struck
& they have to return to face other

a possibility,

this have been strained, & the nations
are tense, look to your own personal lives,
on a whole our personal tensions are being
also played out on the big stage,

our micro & the lens of maginfication on
the larger scenes of politics & national
preservation, in media, etc,

be prepared,

the nations sleep this short time before dawn,

if you guys are worth your salt, you'll know,
we are running years through each of these
here days we now lives, years are being run
out in these short days,

I believe yo momma will be the last POTUS,
he will dissolve the union when things go
a rye,

if you can see the seasons, we are so close,

the rhythm of our daily lives & tensions
also played out in the shadows of the greater
conversations between nations,

be prepared for nuclear war,

I believe the entire N America will be treated
as one nation,

be prepared,

we won't have to worry about the bills,

just the tax of death,

peace my friends,


those who are numbered for the Lord
will do exploits,

putting my magnet bangles on right now,
ankles & wrists,

I believe that in coming days that
china will make a full scale ballistic
attack on the USA & canada on
a whole,

elecrify your bodies to see if you can
mitigate the energy blast of ballistic nukes,

just put my oil & honey bottles with coins &
magnet on my speakers, I can already feel
the issue of it's power,

if you do these things your senses will be
awakened some to feel certain things
around you,

just moisturized with my oil on the speaker
 for an hour & a half & a few drops in some
milk, go for a walk now for a ciggy, meow,

the brutal treatment I have recieved from the
canadian government has ruined completely
the ability for me to mouth things I want
to keep hidden, Samson was given a life
of adulation & luxury, I have not been given
any of that,

anything I want that I know will be hidden if I
want it hidden, the Canadian government &
their brutal treatment of me will make that sure,

if I have a secret, the brutal treatment of my
government to me will keep me secrets as
secrets as I desire them to be, as I have
been treated like garbage by my government
& in this those things I desire to hide will be
hidden out of the response to the brutal
treatment of my government towards me,

by the time you realize what you have to
face it will be finished, I haven't been given
a life of luxury & adulation like Samson &
big muscled man,I have receieved insult &
injury, you'll squeeze no secrets out of me
due to the response to the attack made
on me, this is a side effect of brutality I
have faced, it is a psychological response
to attack,

if my doctor gave me medications that made
me vomit & suffocate all night what would he
expect me to say, hmm,

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