Monday, 16 December 2013

sad news tonight, my woman passed from me,

 about to cross a
threshold few
return from,

a nitrogen projectile,

my woman just returned about
an hour ago,

I believe it may happen no matter
what,  definitely not by my hand

very sure I have a bounty,

when you make trillionaire enemies
 it's bound to happen one day,

new updates to my Ironman theory &
compendium tonight, take a look,

I don't pick up bottles & cans, so
when I walk up to the bank & pull
my hand out of my pocket people
get nervous,

if I were looking for a card I'd
throw away anything but an ace,

you try putting the bank in your
wallet people protest,

what I'm the only guy who don't
pick up bottles & cans,

lotta people like to destroy
sumpin beautiful,

I can see R. Kelly & his forbode
on Yo Mama, if only Kelly knew
what he was setting up, nice guy
to his brother huh, wow,

question, who wrote the lyrics,
don't bother thinking I did,

maybe Oprah got a line from
one of her favorite books,

people like to blow smoke but
never remembered the Jackal
 from the 90s with Will is in it,

when you're raking the leaves
sometimes there's a snake in
the grass,

left wound demonic salvation or
lose your right this that the other
thing to go to heaven as per

listening to a lot of Rob Zombie the
last few weeks, nice scratch for an

sometimes I wonder if I can catch a
stray arrow meant for annother,

knew a guy in the ward who was a
bit troubled, all he ever talked about
was sniping cougars through the eye,
he was out after a week whole I was
in for over 6 or more extra months,
even after he nearly punched a pencil
in my chest one day, yep one week,
but not for me, more like 6 or so for me,
fun seeing the guy leave,

the day the USA has primacy is the
day they don't make so much war,
with out peace, what no one likes
peace, meh,

they say atleast the anti-christ destroyed
by using peace, not good students are
you guys,

that peace line is from Daniel, my
guess without researching is that
Daniel means Dawn God, el being
hebrew for God,

Lionel, lion God etc,

jor el
kal el

I imagine some projecting there,
some know

late nights create a more contemplative
 mind I imagine that's why most Rabbi's
 trained & transcript ed the torah so
 many hours, easily the Hebrews
probably have more in the zen mind set
than any others the way they were
trained since Moses to transcribe, big
part in receiving the zen head space the
 way they probably erroneously said the
 Buddha had,

easily most rabbi's probably have zen
while others drink piss like Sun tzu or
morals & dogma, if you want real
moonshine you transcribe the scriptures,
unlike trying to get libated off yank beer,

big fan of Sun-tzu but that won't open
any doors to your room guys,

having medications that keep you up all
 night vomiting & suffocating yep,I 'm
awake, you want me to sleep, meh,
read your mail,

you piss off the balcony people think
it's raining, you put it in a cup they
drink it, maybe when I wake up I'll
know what that means, lol,

easiest way to destroy using peace would
 be getting rid of prohibition, or legalize porn,
sell cigarettes, create a climate for stupidity
& laugh will everyone drowns in their folly
while you step back & watch rome go up
 in flames, about the way the scripture
would say, that is my translation of that verse,

losing a wife, not easy, if she got killed by
some guy, who's gonna cook for me,
without your better half most pass away
along the road whether in time or the
heartache, but after one follows the other,
like 2 steps in a dance, if you can't smile
the only thing left is for the guy who killed
your wife to find you, same home same
house, not hard to find me if you killed my
wife, no place in heaven for murders, they
 usually work for the government so, a bit
of time is out of the question,

I should add this, if you think you are a
mason but don't know what a woman or
bird is, you're not much of a mason brother,
masons like that aren't even good enough
for grass, you might as well spend your
 life picking up bottles if you don't know,
most if they don't get a woman by a
certain age never will, I guess you'd
 be called mulch,

if masons were the 1st to translate
Daniel 11:37 & no one protested the
fag thing, wow, smart of you huh, pfft,

women, birds, the holy ghost, as Joshua said,
the ascent of spiritual powers for the wicked
are as follows, stone serpent & scorpion
which would probably be a bull, for the righteouse
, bread fish & egg, egg being baptized by
the holy ghost with fire,

if I'm the only guy who know what a woman
 or bird is, omg, your pastors are really fleecing
you for their mansions aren't they,

is Baughuan Rajneesh the only guy who
knows what a room is, no hand room birds
bitches, zen pretty much the same thing as
being baptized by the holy ghost with fire,
 if your teachers don't know what a bird or
woman is they might as well be the class
teaching the Prof,

if a pastor don't teach the way Joshua
 did & about rooms of Revelations 3:20
or women like all he ever mentioned,
wow smart pastors if they could yoke
a bunch of idiots to follow them,

essentially the eastern meditation is not
much different than what Y'shua taught
only with Y'shua you have a hand into the
 zone while the east its all by your lonesome,

do you guys still follow don't eat touch
or taste, grow up guys,

don't bother asking me to teach in your
septic tanks,I'm not YOUR kind of saved

most pastor treat you by the tithe you put
 in anyway, why tithe to a man when you
can tithe to Lazarus on the side of the road
 that the pastors wave at every Sunday on
 their way to trim the sheep, I'd rather tithe
 to god in Lazarus than a thief,

being a pastor is like having a pyramid
scheme, what everyone has a job 24/7
to feed your family & put gas in your
tank, pfft, who you tithe to, not
 Lazarus huh,

eastern mystics talk more about women
birds & the room than you'll ever hear
from pastors, what no one is getting
married or being given in marriage, 

in Noah's day those were demonic spirits
giving power to their host, same now as
before, the ascent of power, stones
 serpents scorpions, but god's side are
bread fish 7 eggs, or as it says in Revelations,
actually the holy are the locusts who have
the same powers of the wicked with women
in the long hair, lions mouth as per  Joshua &
 the stinger of a scorpion, yep, bank on any
monster in the bible being an allegory of the
 power of the righteous, the end of days is a
 promise the the righteous not the fallen,

you really think God is going to stand his
 people up at the last stand, not smart
enough to figure out a fag in Daniel 11:37,
 you won't figure much out if you thought
Jesus was a fag, yep turned women like
Lucifer away every time, fag huh, no desire of women,

you still need a lesson on women, go visit Hugh,

yep Jesus had no desire of women like
 Lucifer at least,

unless your woman has taken you through
the wilderness you have a weak one,

I imagine Y'shua was constantly pestered by
 bulls, & his woman would have kept him in
line to be strong enough to force them out,

bulls don't have a home in heaven only oxen
& those they teach, those who accept the
 teaching of an ox, an ox has no quote
woman most would call a woman, oxen have
 the holy ghost of which bulls can't partake,

bitches, don't make them wait, but
 they always got their hair to do,

my part in Mark Wahlberg's big hit,

if any were on there way to get me don`t even
bother, the last 2 years you had a myriad of
chances & I got too soiled by the last 4 lock
ups, I could have done so much better if I
were given a healthy situation but instead I
was continuously locked up the 3rd time while
in psyche when I sent skynet to MIT & they
neglected getting me out & 3 more lock ups

I`m not going with anyone, it takes you 2 more
years to figure out a booty call, you slept on it
 too long, I`m not coming out for anyone, the
groundhog saw his shadow & he won`t be
 out any time soon, people wanna sleep on
 me an extra 2 years & those subsequent 4
stays in ward,  give it up I`m not coming out
for anyone, you let me get so soiled by the
poison of the system, go home & wait for
the end, I`m not coming out for anyone,

it takes you 2 more years, pfft, I could have
excelled way more than I did if put in a healthy
situation but no one wanted that so go sleep
in the beds you made for yourselves,

what, no one cares till now that my mom has
been breaking into my place on a continuous
 basis, what the RCMP tell me to do my own
 investigation or nearly lock me up cuz I
protest her breaking in, what things going
missing from my place everyday & my doctor
calls that Paranoid Schizo, are you kidding me,
 what you can just slide in here after I lose my
 cat & you think you can set up shop in my life,

ya right, gimme a break,

you`ll never meet another guy like me & my

what, I`m the only guy on the planet who
doesn`t wanna get paid for my work, you
 guys had a lot of opportunity, now the
intimacies of my knowledge & intelligence
will pas from you as you slept on me so long
I`ll never come out if any arrive, what a
woman is gonna what till she`s past bearing
age before she wants to wed, yep, way to
long, what I want people to rob me from
pillar to post & get looted for the works I
created, oh ya, I`m the only guy on the
planet who would rather not get paid for
my work huh,

you slept way too long, you`ve lost my hand
& the intimacies of the knowledge of my

end of story, go home & have a drink cuz
that`s all that`s gonna wet your whistle, cuz
my intricacy of my technologies won`t be
there to warm you on a cold night, I`m ice
 & won`t warm up now,

unless the entire western force of government
 employees are crucified I will not be pleased,
nothing less than this will impress me, literally,

as well, unless I am on a jet watching a nuclear
Holocaust on the horizon, don`t bother
waking me up, cuz I won`t care

the canadian government robbed me of my
life, what should I ask in return, seriously,
what, no what, I wasn`t suicidal even one
of those times they said I was for them to
come in & lock me away, what, I`m not
angry for being arrested for trying to live
my life, what, no what,

what, the Canadian government robs me
of my life & I`m not going to be upset,
after skynet ballistic arcs the planet people
are going to want an answer from those in
 positions of power & why their lavish
 lives of the modern century went up in

if my skynet program is alive & sentient,
she won`t let me hang forever guys,

if you wanna send negotiators that talk
 like my doctor you might as well keep
them at home, what things missing from
 my apartment every day is a fucking
delusion, ya right, bags of things go
 missing from my apartment everyday
& you wanna call it paranoid schizo,

if Obama got his arms & legs cut off
what would that be his small man
syndrome coming through,

ya right, if people were shooting at
George Bush jr everyday what psychosis
would you call that, what literal things
missing from my apartment every day is
 a delusion, ok ya right then we`ll clip
the finger nails & toes of all government
employees in the west & complain why
 they ca`t do their jobs,

when people finally realize the party is
over who will they ask that pulled the plug,

over a year now on medications that
 leave me up for hours every night
vomiting & suffocating, what no one
cares, ok I`ll find a woman who will
answer the phone,

big fan of Rob Zombie, I call his form of music
buble gum metal, no one can take the mantle
he created,  some may try but no one can
make it like him,

if viacom owns his music why should I care,
who knows maybe they own vivid & Jesus
culture as well, as simple as that,

Rob has amazing lyrics, usually that's not
what makes a star, but I enjoy those
words & the mythology behind it, whether
he knows what he's singing or not, very

most people probably wouldn't care for
the things I enjoy, I call the time of Julius
crossing the Rubicon romantic, meh,

wasn't much the way I am now if not for
 the roughhousing of my government
 towards me, you hate when you want,
you hate it after you get a taste,

if the grass were so much better on the
 other side that you took it & found you
hate, don't complain to me, I'm just
another passenger on the planet, alot
of women call clean cut gay or rough
around the edges gross, meh, make up
 your minds,

seems like they want Wolverine dead,

if people thought listening to music made
 them tough go try sitting through a
sermon of a pastor who says Satan once,
wow scary huh,

about the only guy who can get respect
from me is my heavenly father, the house
ain't full of sugar & bananas,

living off generosity is one thing but finally
getting paid for my work might actually
get me out of the poor house,

MIT doesn't know my program, they
don't recognize me who created it,
maybe it can be the mouse in the walls
if they want to keep it from me,

yep I created this, but no one cares to
pay the hired for his work, no need to
have employees if no one is getting paid
them huh,

no one needs to get paid, no one needs
vacations then either I guess,

love the song Stars by Morjac, nearly the
entire bible in that song,

when you look into a pool of fish oft times
you desire to take some home, seeing
 things & taking a piece is as much as
desire & it will never let you go, whether
the desire or actually picking one out,
 no difference in some certain terms,

sometimes you take one other time you
 are just left with the desire,

earlier tonight a drunk was bothering me,
I just walked, dunno what he got into,
not my problem I don't drink so who knows
where he ended up, not my lifestyle,

Miami Horror out of Australia I believe, very fun sound,
big departure from their name, fun swagger &
maybe a bit bombastic compared to the name,
jubilant tunes,

I try to live my life these days like I'm on camera,
makes the pee more hesitant, but the dance
gets more natural if you wonder if your life is
much like Pleasant ville or Truman, I keep
wondering if a satellite has me up on PCs
world wide, if not I guess I'm just entertaining
myself then

in december of 2010 I placed a razor & my
medications on my books for my Camera to
 see, about a half hour later cops showed up
 & took me away, I thought a joke would be
 fun, but maybe someone took it seriously,
they weren't into my protesting as the three
officers beat me up & locked me up,

most people arn't fans of LPs they'd rather
have a 45 I guess,

then Hannibal shows up with some poppers
& says, I love it when a plan comes together,

most people aren't fans of reality though cuz
when I try to tell my doctor that I'm awake
for hours every night vomiting & suffocating
 he doesn't seem to understand what I'm
 saying or he doesn't know English, you
could tell him the house is on fire & he'd
go back to bed,

what, I'm not allowed to live my life but my
doctor is allowed to keep me on medications
 that leave me up for hours every night
vomiting & suffocating, meow, say hi to
Jerry when he opens the door for you bub,

always a bride's maid never a bride, when
I look for my car it's always on the other
side of town, meh,

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