Monday, 9 December 2013

basically people in the wilderness, mental health

I know both nurses & doctors who are either on
medications or have just plain old ADHD,
some of those nurses & doctors openly admit
these things, near like they brag about being
on whatever medication,

& you know what some of those, you know what,
all of them lock people up in the psycheward
as parts of their jobs, can you explain that to me,

had a doctor last year who told me he had ADHD
or it was my nurse who told me, same nurse talked
about taking  anti-depressants, know alot of
nurses on medications & I`d like to know why
they have a job ;locking others up in the exact
same situation, can you explain that,

if these nurses & doctors have quote mental illnesses
why are they working in the said field if they also have
quote mental illnesses, can you explain this to me,

mental illness is basically people in the wilderness
trying to wrangle their birds no different than Jesus
in the wildness for 40 day, if yiu have a strong bird
it takes you through the wilderness,

the beasts that
Jesus fought in the wilderness were bulls who are
 guys who took a demonic bird at the cross roads,
the beasts he fought were guys trying to give him
one of their birds, there, that is the wilderness &
 mental illness, booyah,

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