Friday, 20 December 2013

rupture frequency surgery, updated,

rupture frequency surgery, to smooth
tissue under the surface have a form
of ultra sound to break tissues & to
sooth the tissues,

like having the surface of a place to
be mined & detonate blasts to rupture
the ground below the surface for it to
smooth & heal,

use a form of ultra sound to break up
scar tissues & let the tissues heal,

possibly a few treatments to break bone
or cartalidge or other tissue, break
up scar tissue under the surface no
no different that sound frequencies on
gall bladder stones,

use a frequency to break up scar tissues
under the surface to let it heal over
again, possibly a few applications,

shoulder injuries, knee, soft tissue or
connective tissue hit with a frequency
to let the scar tissue recede & the
problem ed areas heal again,

have a holographic projection of a
surgery & an energy source to deep
the tissues for the surgery, have lasers
or a form of ACDC tp deep the surface
& do the surgery by deeping the ACDC
or lasers that have no still for the surface
but are congruant to the deep tissues,

have lasers congruant to deep tissues
that have no landmark with surface tissues
but are congruant to deep tissues for
holographic surgery on a laser or ACDC
as the thing that does the surgery not a

have the hologram for the directions of
lasers or deep ACDC energies to do the
surgery not actual scalpels but the
congruant lasers to the deep tissue
that can pass surface tissue & be
congruant to the needed surgery on
the deep tissues,

make hard lasers to rebuff the deep
tissue as a form of hand moving away
parts in line, have hard lasers to ajust
placments of bodies in the way as a
form of invisible hand in the deep,

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