Friday, 6 December 2013

the origins of man, my magna carta of reality you disbatchios, take it,

Abraham & Sarah,

she possibly couldn't bear till her possible STD
receded out of he system then she could bare,

Abraham gave her to pharaoh & all pharaoh's
house was barren,

possibly cuz the pharaoh tanged her & gave the
said STD to his house through his sex with her,

yep, the house of pharaoh was barren after
Sarah arrived, she possibly had an STD that
she gave to the house of Pharaoh, till the STD
receded from her system & she could bear
for Abraham,

everyone acts like the bible is some mythical
book & not a book of reality, as soon as a
religiodite reads the bible their intelligence
& reason goes out the window,

people think Sarah was made to hold on cuz
of some mystical reason when all it could
have been was an STD, so a pastor reads
the book & his assumption of gravity goes
out the window cuz he thinks that the sun
revolves around the earth, so people think
the stars are all spaceships in the sky & no
one is intelligent enough to know that bang
bang creates a baby & not simply sleeping
in the same bed as a woman, sex doesn't
create babies all you need to do is put a
ring on your finger a booyah your wife is

that & eating lupin flowers turns you into
a werewolf like farting clears a room cuz
they don't know the shit gas smells cuz they
don't know what a colon is, it must be a
spirit or a monster, intelligence leaves when
you read the bible cuz people think the sun
moving across the sky is not the seasons of
nature cuz nature isn't a point of reason like
eating & being full, you get full off eating
cuz you simply like food art, nope eating
won't fill you up,

yep simply putting a ring on your finger
gets your wife pregnant, & it's too reasonable
to understand the seasons as the reason for
snow or sunshine, cuz once you read the
bible you become a meat head, dead from
the shoulders up,

Christians still don't believe in science cuz the
bible says man was made from dirt so
obviously there is no 80% water huh,

a few months ago a guy I loosely knew asked
me if he meet me at jasons & we did rock, I
said nope don't remember, don't think so,

knew a girl a few months ago who asked me
if she knew me from working at the strip club,
I said nope don't remember,

a few months ago I ran into a fag & he asked
me if we met at the gym last year,

Jesus possibly a temple laborer is working on
the spire & his work mate says do you think
we could jump off here & live, Jesus said you
know what if I had a parachute I wouldn't
need it for the last 2 or three feet so lets jump

a guy shows up on the television & is a bad
person & he says to the jewish anchor that
he knew the grand children of a few
sturmabteilung enscripted, the jew's eye light
up & he looks scared,

a guy walking down the street sees a hot chick
& looks her in the eye, he is a spousel abuse
for his wife, he looks at the woman on the street
& he spits on the ground, she tightens up,

Jesus is a top the temple putting up the spire
& his work mate says, hey you're so tough
 jump you idiot,I'm tired of your holier than
thou attitude, Jesus says, I'm not so stupid to
test my god why don't you jump fool,

people act as if the horns hair wings have to
make the seen for the devil to arrive,

Jesus you will never die, listen to me, you
will never die cuz we need you for a physical
kingdom to rule the earth & fight the Roman,

Jesus says, you know what Peter you're a
fool if you think I came for a kingdom of the
flesh, go stick it up your as fool & Satan get
 behind me,

the only way that satan can show up is by
 horns tail & wings unless you are a student
 of reality & that the spirit of the demonic
can be in the host of a person & speak
 through said Peters Pauls & johns,

No one thinks a 120 years of cuttimng
down gopher wood trees will change the
atmosphere of the planet huh, God told
 Noah to make an ark yippee,  in kindegarten
you know what a sand box is, in grade one
you know what 10 is, in grade 3 you know
how to spell something, in grade 12 you can
 write the chemical equation of Lysergic acid

A guy starts trimming trees cuz a guy in his
school talked about steriods so after
20 - 30 years of playing around he finally
 came up with a cocktail for nice lean mass,
it took him 20-30 years of jacking around
before he scored though,

a guy starts trimming gopherwood trees,
the regulars around steal his timbers & use
 them to smelt iron for weapons, he feels a
chill in the air, sees clouds over the years,
the ground is drying out, after a 120 years
the atmosphere changes due to no forests
or the smoke in the atmosphere & dalia day,
it begins to rain,

no one thinks that the bible is a book of
reason or high sciences unless like paul said
you can rightly divide the scriptures,

there is no such thing as seasons, it's all
held in place like a savior who never ate
or drank or dighteid his diaper, it's al an
 illusion, the stars are spacfeships & the
sun revolves around the earth,

oh ya, jesus never broke a sweat or never
 washed his hands after he shat, he just
floated around & acted like a pufter,

the sweat blood & spear in the side was
allegory for his death, he most likely died
after, his hour had come, dead after an
hour of scourging & no cross, what sweat
blood huh, nope he died in the hour of
scourging, his hour came, no cross, sweat
blood spear in the side,

died of the hour of scourging & no cross,
the guy was a man, I'm sure he was relieved
to know he'd be scourged & be able to
pass on the cross, the mercy of the Father

when the demoniac cursed Jesus I imagine
he was very unsettled at what he heard, the
voice of a demon speaking through the guy,
like a guy joking about jumping off the spire,
 he was probably very unsettled for a long
time till he got the fullness of the scourge &
 know that most likely after an hour of that
he'd be dead,

I too hear spirits speak to me & believe
me you don't want that gift cuz it is very
scary,I won't say what they've been telling
me, very scary, devils know how to get
 your goat, if you heard what I hear you'd
commit suicide, very scary, I totally believe
Jesus lived with a lot of fear over devils
cursing him constantly, a lot of fear over
those threats, oh ya, it's scary alright,

when the scourge stareted he would have
known the pass was soon, I believe as per
scripture, "grew in stature & favor with
God & man that he was a vey massive
guy like a wrestler, bigger than anyone
else, very strong & a temple laborer, they
would have enjoyed breaking a guy as
big as him, but the scourge was a mercy
 from God as he never would have hung
but no doubt died as his hour would come,

oh ya, prolly beat a lot of guys p swearing,
stoned, possibly died in stoning like Paul
was, but tough as a mother fucker, they
would have enjoyed breaking him, but
here in lays the mercy of God the Father
as he would no doubt have died as his
hour came,

I believe that all involved in the scourging
ended up getting terminate to close the
chapter on those involved,.

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