Thursday, 19 December 2013

I imagine if there is a reason to get rid of the hulk

a symbiote would be captiqan america if
the destruction of property were a reason,
possibly in the smoke out of a really nice
SHIELD vessel,

no one cares for their gods though, they'd
rather they were dead, as ole Catp in the
Civil War series in Marvel Comics,

infrastructe always a reason to get rid of
a hero who destroys,

I imagine the same thing could be said of
the USA if that were the case,

not much green grass after the warthogs &
AC-130s light up the horizon,

leveling the popularity of a city & ruining
leisure vacations the world over after the
911 fiasco, what no one likes money,

get rid of vacations & keep people chained
to the indoor sports, oh ya, if no one noticed,
after 911 vacations took a big hit,

here in my home town, a few years & all
of a sudden the people every summer just
vanished like smoke,

I imagine if the hulk being sent in space were
a person it might be the USA, & the constant
damage of the property they like to get into,

they say Sieg Heil died one day in his bunker
after the forces came through, every megalomaniac
has to face his piers, I imagine one day the next
eschalon of  rulers may face the same view as
Sig Heil faced when he realized world control
was just a little too far out of reach,

who would pull the pin on that dream though,
if Sieg Heil were muted by who, but most of the
outer realm, maybe there would be a return to
another season of picking nice ripe fruit
ready to fall off the tree,

who knows when, but the planet, mostly the USA
has prospered from a massive industrial boom for
about 80-90-100 years, nothing lasts forever
when it comes wealth, as I believe the entire east
 of Israel to Saudi arabia was covered in trees, &
 not one is left but a massive desert wasteland, if
 not for oil the arab emeraites would be nothing
 & if not for war Israel would be nothing,

if it took the bark of a tree to build a house the
entire east would need slake for their deserts to
 make a home, if it took the green leaf to make
 fruit they would need to import from Brazil, but
 meh, most of that land is a field for huefers for
McD's & the irradication of a possible red bull,
unless you were clipping bull's nuts McD's would
be nothing & the same for the prospering of a
red bull from a pool slimmed down more & more
 every generation clipped of the geneis of catle,

if it took the wood of a tree to create a boom as
in days past few have home to a timber, I imagine
the only places in the USA that have even one tree
are parks, I imagine if viewed from a satellite the
USA would look like one massive grain farm &
trees only in a few yards,

if it took the rooting of buds & greenery to make
a bomb then the world's time is about passed for
 having a nice breath of fresh air, if a boom were
off of reality I imagine oil can't do a whole lot if
your yard were filled with rocks & sand & not
a brush for a sparrow,

but then if a boom needs just some oil & not a
sprout of grass, then I imagine the foundation
 would be too slippery for the blocks of a ziggurat
or a pyramid, if as in my imagination the building
 of the tower of babel were stunted by the
realization of an aberration like stairs & that the
 stairs & the formation of the tower weren't in
jive, maybe no grass to build a strong foundation
might be a like problem for the rise of a way to
the stairway to the stars,

nope, I'm not talking about the illuminati, I'm talking
asbout how to finance an eternal boom, how,
where's the trees,

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