Friday, 20 December 2013

any brick houses out there named Susan, seasons of war, houses at war,

I'm sure they'd be willing to nuke an entire nation
to get rid of you babe,

just got born when Phil sang that song huh,.

I'll figure out some more as time progresses,

finally a real meat & potatoes reason for nuclear

if no one wants more secrets shared I'm not
leaving, if I find more on both sides or more
I will share it,

anyone not like that, pfft, launch then cuz I
will talk, I have no friends,

you don't want more secrets getting out,
better come get me babe,

come get me babe, no energy wave weapon
can kill me, the electrical vortex around me is too
strong, I bet I could catch a bullet in my teeth,

if I created a season for nuclear war I could
finally sleep in peace,

to both & all sides, don't hold back, let's see
what kind of world we can make,

dunno but if you are house of Lazarus get ready
for war or worse, getting caught,

no Susan, how about Shula,

whether you are Lazarus or not, you will want to
strategic ballistic strikes, no matter what,

scorched earth plan that was why the king of
Babylon lost cuz he didn't listen to Memnon
when Memnon told him to do, the king killed
Memnon in a rage & thus he lost,

stratetgic strikes & try to take control of all
satellites to do emp pulses for any electronic
ballistic projectiles in your visage,

yep, with satellite control you have everything,
emp electronic projectiles, air land vehicles,

satellite control is near everything, like a hand of

forget about worrying about a body count, just

boy named goo, sue,

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