Friday, 27 December 2013

matthew 21:31 the heaven of the devil,

King James Bible
Whether of them twain did the will of his father?
 They say unto him, The first. Jesus saith unto
them, Verily I say unto you, That the publicans
and the harlots go into the kingdom of God before you.

prostitutes or the women or birds under the carpet of
human civilization,

if you know what a woman or bird is you may begin
to understand what the bible is all about, cuz all it is
about is women & birds,

if you hate God then go hate your woman or bird cuz
all the bible is about is women, just spoken of in code,

what you can make a song or movie that is about
women but you can't figure out the bible's full reason
for existence, pfft,

the tales of Joshua, yep, all about women or birds,
the room known of in eastern meditations,
Revelations 3:20, all birds & women & the room,

Daniel 11:37, yep women, he won't be a fag, but
like Joshua rebuffed the women who came to him,

what you think you know what a woman is but
you can't translate Daniel 11:37 properly &
think the guy will be gay, you not know what a
woman is, umm, ok,

women, the entire reason for the bible yet pastors
won't even bring that topic up, don't they know
what a woman is, wow,

Matthew 21:31, hookers & publican going to
heaven, yep the birds or demonic & the human
saved, how, I don't know but it's what the bible
says, what more do you want,

yep, the demonic & the human saved going to heaven,
that's what the verse says, the demonic & the
human saved both going to heaven, that's what the
verse says, plain & simple, yet pastors won't even
mention women or birds in the least like the parables
of Joshua,

the only time I've ever heard a parable close to the
scriptures was the hand sword parable by James
Earl Jones character of the orginal Conan Film,

yep, the devil going to heaven, not a very bad God
after all huh,

dat be my God yo, bitches, take it,

"Woe unto ......them that give suck in those days"

Matt 24:19

that doesn't literally mean what it says,

in Jesus day after he died & the Romans came in, yep that was a literal meaning cuz of the Romans at the door,

but today what that means is if the spirit within you hasn't blossomed into its possible fullness,

if you haven't the fullness of the holy ghost, yep you're giving suck,

possibly unless you are a full blown oxen you may not pass those days,

that passage bunny in this day is talking about the growth of the spiritual condition of a person,

 the baby getting suck is the growth of the spritual condition of a person, it's not literal,

in Jesus day it was literal for when the romans attacked but
today it is talking about the spritual growth of people which is the babe getting suck,

 there will be no two thirds the people on the p;planet slaughtered,

there will be no massive slaughter of billions of people, those
tales in the book of revelations are all allegory for the spiritual
condition of people,

basically any thing related to the prophecies for the end of days
are all allegorical & not literal,

in a massive way the end will happen just like any other day
& not be very special from other days,

the only difference will be the allegorical meanings, if you
can't cipher an allegory you'll never squeeze one truth out
of the bible,

the bible for the end of days is pure allegory & nothing more,
the literal battles & deaths all took place after Jesus death
& that was the end of the big deaths, now it is all
pure allegory,

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