Monday, 16 December 2013

for a realistic Captain America Soldier as follows, yep, a massive security breach, why buy the cow when you can get the m9ilk for free, one day I'll get mine as well, meow,

weaponized inhalants for mimicing the
quiting of cigarettes & the weight gain
& having ear bud switching regularly
for the brain to be entrained from the
switching of regular sounds for the
created ear bud sides,

ear bud switches that enhances learing
sensory perception & conscious
awareness, if you are a neuro scientist
it is only reason that training the other
from what the one has & switching
regularly for a crossing of the brain

it is only realistic that retraining each
 hemisphere of the brain to be given
new stimulus for increased learning
& stimulus,

a literal realistic Captain America,
use on spec ops spetznaz oh ya, a
Thoroughbred of soldiers,

yep, you got a massive security breach,
yep, I know,

when I get mine it will dwarf even the
most opulent of finances,

for kinisthesis have a chemical
compound that augments & speeds
up the electrolytic reactions that
function the motion of muscles &
the central nervous system,

there is an electrolytic reaction in
muscles that creates motion, create
solutions to speed up the electrolytic
reaction to enhance the speed of the
CNS in that of moving the parts of
the body, like an accelerate in body

there has to be some sort of salt for this,
the kinesthesis speed,

there must be a type of salt that settles
 in the CNS system so you don't need
 continuous doses,

there must certain frequencies of radiation
 that exhibit grown or hgh to continuously
regenerate the body, like a switch for
certain characteristics of youth & growth
& healing capabilities like even a women
carrying has higher anti-bodies than while
not carrying,

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