Monday, 30 December 2013

growing limbs back, the theory on appendage accesory, am I hearing the wind right, I just know, I just know, I don't know how, I just know, updated addendum,

 if you like my blog, download it, incase it 
drops off, I imagine few respect my freely
giving my sciences & not charging, if you
know what I mean,

my theory on growing limbs back or teeth,

there is gravity in all & an affinity for all,

if you know what a meniscus is & the
drawing together of this is, you can
have two shadows join without the
impressions of the two bodies touching,

is it possible to have a bone on the
missing limb & the bones draw out the
limb that is missing,

contemplate the loss of a forearm & the
hand & taping 5 small bones to the jiont
& the 5 bones drawing out & growing
a new appendage where the first was lost,

imagine the possibility of the bones attached
& the draw of the bones creating the growth
of another hand & forearm,

or if you lost teeth, what would happen if
you were sucking on small rib bones &
the rib bones drawing out new teeth in
a form of gravity,

if you have a large & a small it is that
one will draw on the other,

make up your mind, if you have nothing
to lose, try it out,



for those in accidents that have a missing limb,
for you,

again it harps on my voice of reason that the
bone theory can work, but this is for those
with head injuries,

a very easy simple nuero-therapy is as follows,

switch sides on your head phone apperatuses,
put the left to the right & back & forth,

I have been doing this for over two years & my
consciousness has awakened, insights, intelligence,
knowledge understanding, yep all of it,

the crossing of the sounds normally had on one
side to the other, crossing the corpus collosum,
it is only reason that crossing the sides will
awaken the brain like teaching one side what
usually is had for the other,

I have been doing this for about two years
& have noticed dramatic changes in the way
I think,

switch sides atleast once or twice a day &
watch the changes that you notice, it's easy
& simple no blue cross necessary, it can be
done with just an MP3 player or IPOD,

if you have brain damage from drugs, yep,
get up on it,

if you do this once or twice a day, you will
definitely notice a big change in your mind,
& yep, even your consciousness,


another addendum to my niggahs,

I wear a harness I made with duct tape
& orgone crystals, magnets & coins,
magnetic bands around my wrists &
just below my knees,

a harness with bones & orgone crystals &
magnets in my spine, going for home base
my niggahs, all the way to an X-man,

yep some rib bones in my rig too,

read my sciences post, gonna see if I can
jump my DNA, what, you don't think about
being more, I sure do & I have all my limbs,

if the theory works you can figure out more
of the kinds of things you can rig for yourself,

like I said it is theory, but if my theory works
for you, go vanguard my brothers & sisters,

below my bane sciences,


updates below,

imagine bones placed in the body prosthetic
as the hold for the bones, instead of a free limb,
bones grafted into the prosthesis, 

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