Friday, 27 December 2013

my theory on aging

supposedly after the flood of Noah
the age of men became 70 years as
God partitioned for human,

my theory for the reason for our age
partition given us in 70 years is that,
 pre flood the atmosphere had a
drastically less amount of water vapor
 in the atmosphere,

my theory is that it is not oxygen that
deteriorates our bodies but the philic
 properties of the extra amount of
hydrogen in the atmosphere,

I am lead to believe that the philic
properties & the power of those philic
properties of hydrogen is what
deteriorates our bodies, the power of
 hydrogen's philic properties is what
degenerates our bodies as like a form
of rust or hover of our bodies by the
philic properties of hydrogen,

the power of the general philic properties
of hydrogen tearing away our bodies
 for the hydrogen to find a, equator for
it's self as it slowly ages our bodies by
pulling off the molecular cohesion of
our bodies & that molecular cohesion
is at stake due to my theory that hydrogen
 like hydrogen peroxide is philic &
slowing acts like the simplified chemistry
model of hydrogen peroxide & that extra
H in hydrogen is looking for an equator
 to settle,

my theory is that all hydrogen is looking
for a medium or equator to rest in a
relationship, if all hydrogen is looking for
a settlement for it's rest at an equator it is
 possible that by the end of all hydrogen
finding a medium or equator to rest,

if all hydrogen is looking for a resting
place in a medium for a duldrum of an
equator, we may be in big trouble if all
hydrogen is looking for a resting place
to settle in it's own resting place I call
medium or a rest in an equator as I
 have named it,

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