Saturday, 28 December 2013

those in the pacific rim, an adverse to free radiation theory, fukushima defenses,

put copper & other metaled coins under

this should eat up rads from Fukushima,

the candle burning & a form of repulse,

have magnets & batteries on your person,

put coins on the tops of plugs that are in
the walls

put saline solution in bottles, tape magnets
& batteries & coins to the bottle & place
on your speakers,

place pyrex glass pots on your speakers
for a few hours, place your glass & mugs
on your speakers,

boil the saline solution in your pots,

the speakers should align the metals &
the charge in the mugs or glass as glass
& mugs arte basically the same in being
stone, same just variants,

boil the saline in your pots make tea, puor
saline in your water closet in the toilet
every night,

create an afflect to the rads for repulse
or like candles possibly eating up the
free rads,

by the way to those in the far east, for 30
days in december of 2010 I have a touch
of the purity of what I call a cloud, it was
the purest form of the zen experience but
I couldn't hold on for only those 30 days
before I lost it,

very amazing experience & it has steeped
me in my intelligence & understanding &
wisdom, changed my sensory awareness

get the frequency charge of the radiation
of fukushima & create magnetis the opposite
frequency polarity for an affinity to draw out
the radiation to the magnets, & in time find
a way to recalibrate those metals for certain
 projects whee polarized metals are in need

using the opening of the fukushima problem
could open new doors for creating newly
made polarities for metals, harvesting the
polarities of the reactor for future projects,

using the frequency of the polarization of the
plant & creating newer polarities out of
augmenting the properties of those solids
in the radiation fields,

find the polarity frequencies & see if an
aument can be made for those solids caught
by the fields,

test the laterallus & lontitudinal polarities on those
spots of the globe & study to create newer
polarities & newer temperd solids caught in the
field of the plant reactor,

this problem could be a massive well for study &
for creating newer sciences from studying the
radiation frequencies & polarities,

if in thje farthest reach that radiation were a
form of polarization is it possible to key lock
the voracity of the affinity the radiation has
for free bodies that the radiation attracts to,

if again in the farthest reaches could another
 charge be brought into the equation, meeting
the possibility that the radiation is a form of
polarization & an electrical infant or a created
 new form of polarization designed to be
projected at the site to neutralize the possible
 radiation if it were a form of polarity,

if radiation is a form of polarity & this is why
 it attracts to possibly certain things to wrest
those particulate to destroy the cohesion of
say organic cells, could there be a neutralizing
polarization to with affinity be made to key
lock the possibly polarization of those bodies
 that are radioactive,

if radioactivity is a form of polarization,
possibly create a new or designed beam or
 projection to introduce a newly designed
opposite of the radioactive polarity & use
it to neutralize the bodies tainted by the
adverse reactants, meh,

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