Monday, 16 December 2013

m9ilk, new term for military technology,

new term for military technology, the
world just got raised, the stakes,
unbelievably fun,

unless you like getting cut up alot,
you won't wanna ride the edge
of a razor,

one of my favorite politicians is by far
Donald Rumsfeld, I call him a linguistic
gymnast, the guy has a skill to orate,

the guy is an artist of the English language,
never be another who can fill those shoes,

love to see Donald, Colon & certain others
at a teaching seminars for those at Westpoint,

guys like that have a lot of grist for the mill,
guys like Dick Cheney as well, great fountain
of experience & gifts gained in time of being
seasoned in their positions,

maybe even Bremmer as well, guys who
got the job done,

 guys like Gore Vidal & the like,
Farheed Zacharia, those two jouranlists
who were in contact with Deep Throat,

guys like Arnold Schwarzenegger or
others who fought through blood to
get to their places like De Niro or
Robert Downey Jr or Mickey Rourke,
James Cameron, Lucas or Spielberg,
Dana White, certain athletes, Jack
Nicholson, Dwayne Johnson, Dali

life skills,

as per certain songs by Rob Zombie
I am lead to believe there are eschalons
above those of the regular known powers
like the Bulderbegs,  I am lead to believe
there is at least 1 possibly 2 or 3 more
tiers of power & the top one presently
is a woman on the highest eschalon,

Rob Zombie sings like a woman talking,

anyone know a Martha,

I know I got that,

I know he got that, he says,

you out there ditch, I'm gonna flush you
out babe,  prepare to be hunted,

omg I don't like the sound of that, omg,

un fucking believable I don't like that,

I don't believe it, I thought he'd like me,

meh, I want a season of the purest
forms of warfare,

strike it up,

omg, what a guy, purest forms of
warfare, sounds like a lot of fun,

what a guy,

like I said on my walk, if you have me
on satellite, nope you ain't met the dispatchio,

AC-130 my favorite ship,

mum huh, that`s what you call here, cute babe,

yep I figured out Rob Zombie, possibly
Manu LJ  - Alright,

if I`m correct, god babe you really are a
brick house,36-24-36 is actually kinda small
in reality,
without certain intimacies of the industrialized world all industry will fail,

if my life situation were easier I'd
prbably be able to begin to really

suffocating every night stifles my

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