Monday, 23 December 2013

new en scorpio vehicle design updates on wax projectiles, my take on cold fusion or rather cold fission,

creating cold fusion or fusion at best
may not be the best idea as if the first
light of fusion happens you may end
up with a the seed of a body like a
star, & if a seed like that is created,

possibly the seed would grow at
logarithmic rates eating anything in
the vicinity topower it resulting in the
possibly creation of a star type
black hole,

heavy water from nuclear reactors as
ice, a water with a resident current of
power in it, freeze the ice, have a
conduit to separate the H2 from the

possibly the resident current in the ice
water may exhibit an enhanced reaction
to the H2 being removed from the
oxygen, make the conduit to remove
the H2 as as full of force as possible
to react the heat of the H2 reabsorbing
the oxygen,

make it a cyclic reation, the H2 being
removed from the ice as well as the
reaction of heat from the H2 rejoining the

a power of control in the energy from the
separation of the H2 from the oxygen &
the rejoining of the H2 to the resident

be very difficult to manage but if you had
a battery like a car does you could possibly
fuel the said vehicle in the plant created to
house it,

ballistics or electronic projectiles made
of nothing but the warhead & crystalline

different augments of crystalline wax
from rock ores with strains of metal
for the ACDC currents to go through,

crystalline wax with augmented Ur
waxes for a projectile un-monitored
by systems built for scanning metal

crystalline waxes neutered &
re-vived by infusing the properties
of other metals & foreign bodies
trascripted into the neutered

like having a DNA molecule, gutting
it & injecting another body to the
housing of the cell, a house body cell
with a stranger inside, neutered waxes
at crystalline & other foreign bodies
transcripted into the wax for a new
near any government could come in Red Dawn
style & walk all over you, Iraq finished you guys
 off, your gov stretched your military too thin,

 if you guys go down it will be soon, your
 military will never recover from Iraq, I believe
 possibly in the near time before you have a
chance to pick up again another nation possibly
china will make offense on you,

your military stretched it's self too thin with Iraq,
you make get a reply from china due to your
sick military & the run down state it is in, you
will never recover to be a threat again to other

 possibly in the near term you may receive a
 reply to all your wars, you'll never be able to
 make a profitable response due to how thin
 you stretched yourselves in Iraq, get ready
for a reply,

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