Tuesday, 24 December 2013

why would so many scientists be interested in the big bang theory,

what, you can`t just enjoy it,

so many pastors hate sex,
but have kids, why,

lotta pastords hate a lot of things,
but it doesn`t stop them from going
to the theater to watch it,

my private name for Jesus culture,
is porn culture cuz of how they are
always with cameras on that one

I`d love the sight of peace enthusiasts
lining up to watch action films,

what peace isn`t all it`s cracked up to




most people know so much about nothing
so they do those jobs,

strange how science can so easily explain most if
not the entire bible yet the evangelical &
scientists are at odds,

the evangelical who ralley around a god for the
money of it, but I digress on that point,

the evangelical who have so much
power in the west totting the jock of such a
powerful god who has no answer for their

a god of the may I say the ethereal & so mystically
powerful, to me they look like the preists of moloch or
whatever in battle with Elijah,

such a powerful god, but really all they have to say
of his power is that he made them wealthy,

such a god of their ethreal powered speaches, yet
where is this eathereal god without the money
they swing around, they talk alot about some whisp of
smoke god who pretty much just made them
a buck & nothing more,

your powerful western God, where is he other than
in the wallet, such speaches for their ethereal god
 when all they have to show for this ethereal god
is a fat wallet,

must be very powerful if the wallet is where all the
power on earth is,

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