Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Tiggro up yooz disbatchios


the negaratti follow a white man in Eminen,

the negrotopia must be to have a white
rapper at the helm,

I imagine if the nejjarios like following a
white man Yo momma can put those
M&Ms in he mouth & the nejjario will
be happy to follow, after all the negaratti
like following whitehouses,

no one likes honey with they coffee, they`d
rather have cream, gross,

before the bell rings any women who have
 the latex taken out their butts & tits the
bell will close the session & then those
women with rubber up they bums &  in
they lungs, it will be too late to take em
out & a legion of barbie dolls will be filled
with terror as they realize it`s too late to
remove the prostheses,

plastic surgery, the 6 million dollar man

my durango number 95, take me the
home jet boots & an ultra life say
heaven packs a horror show ,

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