Thursday, 19 December 2013

I magine if Y'shua

I magine if Y'shua were headgamed into
 acting the way he did like possibly a
mom with Munchhausen syndrome he
could have done anything he wanted if
his mom were trying to create a reality
for him, if it were his mom who tried to
 get him to stop evangelizing like she
tried to get him out of that one home
while he was speaking,

I imagine if his reality became plastic
due to night shades like Mandrakes &
 the possible spiking of his food, that his
 reality could have been bent like plastic
 to do anything he wanted, if he was
 mind fracked to believe he were who
 he was he could have done near anything,

if his reality were bent by possible night
shades he would have been anything his
mom possibly done to him, if she did feed
 him night shades, oh ya, possibly a plastic
reality she gave him & his falling into the
reality she created for him,

virgin birth, mom feeding her son possible
 night shades like Mandrakes, he would
have fallen into the reality that would be
created by the entire situation, if she did,
he could have believed he could do
anything, including rise from the dead,
 his reality would be so flexible that he
would have believed who he said or
was washed into believing who he was,

a few millennia of scriptures & the night
 shade to accentuate the belief he had,
try doing LSD & watch a Pink Floyd
video, his exposure to scriptures his entire
life & the possible night shade, try going
 into the military & not rising up to be a
 spetznatz or super killer like Black Ops,

perfect storm, the possible night shades,
 the continuous scriptural teaching, you
might as well get jacked on juice & go
to the gym everyday, same situation,
except he was possibly give the
Mandrakes & fuled by the scriptural
teaching & came out as a rabbi,

my belief is that no one taught him to
 read or write but that the 13th warrior
 he was he saw the writing like a guy
 off the Divinci code of TomHanks &
divined his knowledge like that of
Antonio Bandaeras & became who he
was through the divination of seeing it
 all come together & learned off the
 cuff so to say with no formal teaching
 but bang, yep, got it, now I understand,

a few millenia of scriptures & the possible
Mandrakes & them pretty much the same
 as given a shot in the bottom & going to
 the gym, made soldier,

yep, my theory on how Y'shua bacame
who he was, if he were in the military,
 boom a shot in the bum & big big muscles,
 but instead it was the scriptural teaching
& the possible night shades & he was a
ready believer in who he believed he was,
 plastic reality, scriptures, night shade &
 the constant scriptural teaching & it trained
him up to who he thought he was,

equivalently, a few shots of juice in the
 bum & a trip to the gy, big muscles,

the idea of Mary & a divine birth, you know
what, even Jesus literally died, it wasn't a
 phase shift & when Jesus fed the 5 or 7
grand, it was real food, not cardboard,
yep, most ;likely Marry had to go real bad
& broke chivalry & used one of the men's
 communal seats on the side of the street
& shoock up a lil sumpin sumpin & got

I imagine when Isaiah gave his prophecy
of a woman with child from a virgin birth
 he saw sumpin & realized the possibility
of modern science, like an invetro fertilization,
 too realistic for a pastor I imagine though,
 they expect the devil to show up in horns
 fur & a lion cloth to tempt the day away
instead of the devil jumping into Peter to
talk the ;lord out of getting whacked on
the cross,

but then if the devil jumping into an apostle
 is too much to believe I imagine that Mary
 taking a seat on a concrete men's urinal on
the side of the street too, what the devil has
 to show up with the fur & horns & loin cloth,
 Peter didn't actually with the impetus of the
 devil try to dissuade the Lord from his death,

so maybe the devil never actually whispered
 in the ears of Sieg Heil, it was all his idea, it
wasn't the devil inside his private school chums
 it was all Siggies idea, so if the devil never
 jumped into Sieg Heil's friends to create a
monster out of him I guess the devil must have
 appeared to him one night while he was
wazzing off the pin up posters he got from the
US media in hollywood,

oh I'm sorry though, if the devil tempts a negro
, the devil shows up in horns & G-string, not
 in a guy like Peter,

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