Tuesday, 3 December 2013


btw, the dragon is an
appendage of god, no
different from Norse
or greek where every
part of the story is all
about one single person
the myth is about as
opposed to the myth
being about multiple

each prophecy is all
about the multiple
faucets of the person's
many parts of his or
her's personality,

each greek or norse or
biblical passage is about
one sinlge person not
more than one person,

each myth or prophecy is
talking about the multi-faucets
of the personality of one single
person, unless you know that
these are all inclusive to say
the seasons or the passage of
the pilgrim's process you'll
never discern the tales are
all about the multiple parts of
one person's personality,

the tail of Medusa or other
myth stories are the life's
passage of one person not multiple

the numbers 1 to 10 are numbers
not letters or shapes, they are one,

 if you think Ragnarok is about say 3 or 4 different people
you missed the boat, each myth is about one person as
the emotional growth & say pilgrim's passage of one person,

each myth is about the many faucets of one person &
say his or her's journey through life as he or she
grows through the gantlet of the life of a person,

unless you know each myth is about the journey of
one person you'll be trapped in derision, if you know
each story is about the multi-faucets of one person you'll
never growth,

if you think the multi-faucets of a person are separate you'll
never realize that a person is many parts like the hands & feet,

myths are all about the personal jpourney of one person like
they are oft about weather, & weather not being separate
but a constant revolving of the multi-faucets of one,

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