Saturday, 28 December 2013

sciences & biblical translations


the origins of man, my magna carta of reality you disbatchios, take it,Biblical sciences in the book, no UFOs yo,

Abraham & Sarah,

she possibly couldn't bear till her possible STD
receded out of he system then she could bare,

Abraham gave her to pharaoh & all pharaoh's
house was barren,

possibly cuz the pharaoh tanged her & gave the
said STD to his house through his sex with her,

yep, the house of pharaoh was barren after
Sarah arrived, she possibly had an STD that
she gave to the house of Pharaoh, till the STD
receded from her system & she could bear
for Abraham,

everyone acts like the bible is some mythical
book & not a book of reality, as soon as a
religiodite reads the bible their intelligence
& reason goes out the window,

people think Sarah was made to hold on cuz
of some mystical reason when all it could
have been was an STD, so a pastor reads
the book & his assumption of gravity goes
out the window cuz he thinks that the sun
revolves around the earth, so people think
the stars are all spaceships in the sky & no
one is intelligent enough to know that bang
bang creates a baby & not simply sleeping
in the same bed as a woman, sex doesn't
create babies all you need to do is put a
ring on your finger a booyah your wife is

that & eating lupin flowers turns you into
a werewolf like farting clears a room cuz
they don't know the shit gas smells cuz they
don't know what a colon is, it must be a
spirit or a monster, intelligence leaves when
you read the bible cuz people think the sun
moving across the sky is not the seasons of
nature cuz nature isn't a point of reason like
eating & being full, you get full off eating
cuz you simply like food art, nope eating
won't fill you up,

yep simply putting a ring on your finger
gets your wife pregnant, & it's too reasonable
to understand the seasons as the reason for
snow or sunshine, cuz once you read the
bible you become a meat head, dead from
the shoulders up,

Christians still don't believe in science cuz the
bible says man was made from dirt so
obviously there is no 80% water huh,

a few months ago a guy I loosely knew asked
me if he meet me at jasons & we did rock, I
said nope don't remember, don't think so,

knew a girl a few months ago who asked me
if she knew me from working at the strip club,
I said nope don't remember,

a few months ago I ran into a fag & he asked
me if we met at the gym last year,

Jesus possibly a temple laborer is working on
the spire & his work mate says do you think
we could jump off here & live, Jesus said you
know what if I had a parachute I wouldn't
need it for the last 2 or three feet so lets jump

a guy shows up on the television & is a bad
person & he says to the jewish anchor that
he knew the grand children of a few
sturmabteilung enscripted, the jew's eye light
up & he looks scared,

a guy walking down the street sees a hot chick
& looks her in the eye, he is a spousel abuse
for his wife, he looks at the woman on the street
& he spits on the ground, she tightens up,

Jesus is a top the temple putting up the spire
& his work mate says, hey you're so tough
 jump you idiot,I'm tired of your holier than
thou attitude, Jesus says, I'm not so stupid to
test my god why don't you jump fool,

people act as if the horns hair wings have to
make the seen for the devil to arrive,

Jesus you will never die, listen to me, you
will never die cuz we need you for a physical
kingdom to rule the earth & fight the Roman,

Jesus says, you know what Peter you're a
fool if you think I came for a kingdom of the
flesh, go stick it up your as fool & Satan get
 behind me,

the only way that satan can show up is by
 horns tail & wings unless you are a student
 of reality & that the spirit of the demonic
can be in the host of a person & speak
 through said Peters Pauls & johns,

No one thinks a 120 years of cuttimng
down gopher wood trees will change the
atmosphere of the planet huh, God told
 Noah to make an ark yippee,  in kindegarten
you know what a sand box is, in grade one
you know what 10 is, in grade 3 you know
how to spell something, in grade 12 you can
 write the chemical equation of Lysergic acid

A guy starts trimming trees cuz a guy in his
school talked about steriods so after
20 - 30 years of playing around he finally
 came up with a cocktail for nice lean mass,
it took him 20-30 years of jacking around
before he scored though,

a guy starts trimming gopherwood trees,
the regulars around steal his timbers & use
 them to smelt iron for weapons, he feels a
chill in the air, sees clouds over the years,
the ground is drying out, after a 120 years
the atmosphere changes due to no forests
or the smoke in the atmosphere & dalia day,
it begins to rain,

no one thinks that the bible is a book of
reason or high sciences unless like paul said
you can rightly divide the scriptures,

there is no such thing as seasons, it's all
held in place like a savior who never ate
or drank or dighteid his diaper, it's al an
 illusion, the stars are spacfeships & the
sun revolves around the earth,

oh ya, jesus never broke a sweat or never
 washed his hands after he shat, he just
floated around & acted like a pufter,

the sweat blood & spear in the side was
allegory for his death, he most likely died
after, his hour had come, dead after an
hour of scourging & no cross, what sweat
blood huh, nope he died in the hour of
scourging, his hour came, no cross, sweat
blood spear in the side,

died of the hour of scourging & no cross,
the guy was a man, I'm sure he was relieved
to know he'd be scourged & be able to
pass on the cross, the mercy of the Father

when the demoniac cursed Jesus I imagine
he was very unsettled at what he heard, the
voice of a demon speaking through the guy,
like a guy joking about jumping off the spire,
 he was probably very unsettled for a long
time till he got the fullness of the scourge &
 know that most likely after an hour of that
he'd be dead,

I too hear spirits speak to me & believe
me you don't want that gift cuz it is very
scary,I won't say what they've been telling
me, very scary, devils know how to get
 your goat, if you heard what I hear you'd
commit suicide, very scary, I totally believe
Jesus lived with a lot of fear over devils
cursing him constantly, a lot of fear over
those threats, oh ya, it's scary alright,

when the scourge stareted he would have
known the pass was soon, I believe as per
scripture, "grew in stature & favor with
God & man that he was a vey massive
guy like a wrestler, bigger than anyone
else, very strong & a temple laborer, they
would have enjoyed breaking a guy as
big as him, but the scourge was a mercy
 from God as he never would have hung
but no doubt died as his hour would come,

oh ya, prolly beat a lot of guys p swearing,
stoned, possibly died in stoning like Paul
was, but tough as a mother fucker, they
would have enjoyed breaking him, but
here in lays the mercy of God the Father
as he would no doubt have died as his
hour came,

I believe that all involved in the scourging
ended up getting terminate to close the
chapter on those involved,.


 btw, a little part of my life, my Bane Sciences as well, like I said, educate your friends, nothing worse than no spears for the spartans, take one,

Export A Red, wow
real nice cigarette,
strong but smooth,

just got my first pack
tonight, been smoking
john players silver the
last 2 years when I

ExportA red, wow
nice kick in there,
bout the only thing
canadians do, possibly
make a nice cigarette,


big fan of Shocore &
Euro electronika,
most american music
is a waste of time,

big fan of Simon Bisley,
but I learned most of
my technique in painting
from looking at Luis Royo's
work, amazing erotica,

the guy's hand is so

I've used my knowledge of science to
evolve my intelligence & awareness &
my sensory perceptions, putting bottles
wrapped in coins batteries & magnets
on my speakers & drinking, putting wire
rim glasses on my antenna, drinking elm
& other tree leaf as tea,

electrosizing oil drinking & moisturizing
myself, bones magnets & batteries as
amulets, I have evolved the last two years
as I call it Baning myself,
 two years ago I was in the kamloops
psyche & shattered my feet from loading
 my shoe heels with pennies, I wrapped
them with strips of plastic bags & wore
more socks kept my shoes on did a few
100 calf raises every morning to loosen
my feet up, used science in terms of acid
before base like in high school chemistry
 for my butter, cream coffee & sugar &
nutria-sweet, I did this in hopes of activating
 the hgh in the dairy due to roids in beef &
dairy, after 1 day less pain & after a full three
days bang no pain & healthy, using science
 to activate the healing properties of activating
the hgh & juice in the cream& such,

acid before base for bone I believe, base
before acid for muscle is what I wanna find
out now,


nutria sweet,


for base before acid

post work out supp
lemon juice

just an example

I'm trying to find out now if base before acid is muscle,
haven't seen a result but I'm still trying to see with more

try to activate the properties of the foods & orders,

milk then a few splashes of lemon juice,

switch the sides your ear buds are om, from left to right
& right to left, it will shake your brain up like the
stimulus activating a learning curve due to a new form
of stimulus, oh ya after a while you feel the kick of
sensory perceptions, awareness consciousness, intelligence,
oh ya it shakes up the duldrums & creates a bigger
learning curve, switch back & forth on a regular basis,

rest a penny or dime on the top of plugs put into sockets,
if you put a current in your body you can reflect the wages
of the flames when there is a nuclear war like a field possibly,

light candles in your homes to eat up radiation & for a field
of energy,

orgone crystals,

males eating almonds for their boys, women eating
pumpkin seeds, if you get me here you know what
I'm saying, almonds for your eye sight, pumpkin for your
flesh, get me, you have cancer eat almonds or other seeds
use your discernment, to understand the rational of it,

cancer, olive oil, extra virgin, castor oil for tissues, if you've
ever had a pedicure it's the same feeling of your body being
fresh, I took 3-4 tbsp of castor oil for a few weeks & I
could feel the oil coming out in my skin, felt fresh & new,
very powerful cleansed feeling, don't use a lot use moderation
as it makes you regular, mix it with chocolate milk to make
it easier going down,

it's my belief that if you let cancer run it's full blossom that
it recedes & disappears on it's own like flowers, grows
matures, blossoms & recedes, most diseases are like this
I believe, it's the trauma of surgery & the health practices
that kill the patient not the diseases, nice huh,

no different than the possible STDs that Sarah may have
 had that receded one day to finally let her bear a child,
the possible STD she had may have receded & returned
to the health of her body, all it took was the possible
STD to blossom & receded,

even washing your feet a few times a day makes a big
difference or bathing in red wine, for a few days I
washed my feet in some red,

assuaging the gods by pouring out beer or wine on areas
that deer graze in, yep you hear it through the grape vine,

I imagine for the 10th curse on Egypt that a lot of the
hebrews never would have wanted to waste a good
 lamb on blood for the lintels,i bet a lot of Hebrews
 lost their 1st born, that one lamb was too much too
waste on magic & fluff like a death plague, oh ya,I
 bet most Hebrews wouldn't have wasted a good
lamb on the lintels so money hungry for wealth, why
waste a good stock for blood on the lintels,

I bet most of the Egyptians knew that mythology &
 took care while the Hebrews hated the idea of
throwing money out the window with blood on the
lintels, I bet the Egyptians knew that mythology for
such an act though,

constantly working on potions to effect the planet at wide,

what the CIA & Mossad & military didn't want in me
I give to you, it's all military grade & you know it,

put your mugs on the speakers, the electricity & heat
will align the metals in the porcelain for increased
conductivity to enrich your drinks,glass is basically
a form of rock as well,

fat vats, a few 1000 gallons with in & out lets,
20 - 30 for all outlets, put mother boards in the
vat & light it up for a creation of a Zeus like on
City of Black Masks IMDB, let the current run
to find designated mother boards & outlets, let
the current con volute the fat to create a brain
like Zeus on City of Black Masks, put a few lbs
in a car for the skynet program & bang,IMDB,

 satanists are no different than christians who think
that living a certain way gets you something,

if any of those guys don't have a woman or bird strong
enough to teach them they might as well all be a
bunch of grunts on the bottom level & no real
awareness of the greater scenario of the possibilities
of reality,

if non of them have a strong enough bird to teach them
they all might as well be uneducated guys trying to
build a skyscrapper with a pile of sand,

the woman is the lime & slake, but if all you
have is a guy a sleep you'll have no cohesion to form
the structure,

no different than the parable in the first conan film with
Arnold, if all you have is a sword you have nothing,
what you need is the hand to raise the sword, or all you need
is a hand for fisticuffs,

a glove alone is nothing without the hand inside it to
give the glove power & ability, the glove alone are
like guys trying to bang your wife off a ring & no
sex, if you have no hand the glove is worthless, with
only a ring you have nothing without something
in the condom, I call this the parable of the Serpent,
basically the entire story of the Bible, women birds,
demonic spirits or the holy ghost who is the phoenix
of birds, the epitome of a powerful bird,

Jesus saying people would be get married or be
given in marriage, it's all about women & birds,
that's it,that is the test to see whether you really
 know what a woman is or not, Daniel 11:37, do
you really know what a woman is or do you think
 most guys like in Daniel 11:37 are fags, the true
test to see your intelligence & if you truly know
what a woman is when being confronted if you
know r just think you know,

are you a guy who can handle a gun in the pressures
of war or are you the type who drops your weapon
 for unskilled & false bravado & no instincts or the
 lack of training or just plain error to never know
 an apple when you see one but you know the name
& that's about it, do you know the word bitches
but don't know what one looks like, about it,

if you have glass pots, put them on your speakers
 for a few hours for the ACDC to align the metals
& to flash freeze an alignment for a continuous
well you know,

milk before lemon juice or acids, I wanna see if it
activates the hormones & steroids in the beef,

I belive Jesus was a realist no different than
Noah one day realizing the clearing of forests
would one day bring rain, the 3 temptations
of 1John 2:16 & the ascent of the temptations
 in Isaiah or Hosea in the Oak,poplar &
nightmare on elm street, the 3rd is death, like
Jake's character on Prince of Persia, the 3rd
step is the hardest, I bet you bell bottom dollar
that Jesus drank a lot of Elm leaf tea as an
affront to his coming death,

possibly a realist & scientist & architect possibly
who may have either been a laborer or tech
for the construction of the temple, oh ya, I bet
he was very intelligent using sciences on himself
as an affront to rising from the dead, possibly
drinking elm leaf tea or other things he knew
of sciences or construction et al, he may have
 prepared his body through science as an
affront to his death, like Noah in time realizing
what clear cutting would do to the atmosphere,
in time leaning like the grades in school til the
crescendo meets the final acts waited for &
being prepared for,

like on Thor the dark world, Thor says science &
magic are one in asgard, but I push it one more,
science, magic & psychology are one, basically
the whole of what you could call sorcery or
witchcraft, or really if you understand, the tools
Jesus used in his way, you know what call it
warfare & not a scary word like witchcraft,

basically plain old warfare,

could you imagine how many in the government
or military are in trouble over not scooping me
up but instead giving you guys this education, oh
ya,I bet a lot of people are angry at me sharing
these with you, oh ya lots of guys in trouble for
me giving you guys this,

put a dime or penny under each of your candles,

for about a week all day & night I was awake I
put saline wash in bottles with batteries magnets &
coins un my computer tower & speakers &
contnously dumped the wash into my tub, after about
2-3 hours I felt the issue of it's power in the
 atmosphere, if you haven't the extra sensory
perception you may not notice it but I sure did,

add a bit of oil & vinegar & it powers up even more,

if you have a wound, get an atomizer of peroxide,
it's easily the best healer like epsom salts would be,
very gentle & no sting,

switch the order of your home speakers like
the ear buds,

gibberish isn't tongues, it is angelic language,
basically the entire bible is a book of tongues,
you could say that an allegory is tongues, that's
as simple as you can say it,

I live in a moderately small town, the way I
see a lot of people is that you travel to the corner
shop to get a gallon of milk, but if you wanna
buy for a family you travel up the road 20
miles to get  enough for the house hold, that's about
the way it is for certain things,

cracking & jumping my DNA is pretty much
all I care about, I can't work cuz of depression so
I'm on a disability pension, one day when my
DNA jumps I'll go live in the forest cuz my
body will be that strong, I already know what
I'm going to get cuz when your extra sensory
happens you can see the divide for certain
parts of the future, I already know what I'll
get cuz I can see between the divide of things
I see on my path, like road signs,

part of my desire is to raise a new race of
the Nephilim for this age & beyond,

red, blue teams, my reds are a family for
a thing, my family is for a thing, if you aren't
red you are going to prosper on a thing,

red, blue teams,

you let my mom keep breaking in & don't defend
me, you think you can get a piece of me out of
your denying me aid,

red, blue teams,

very sure the crescendo of my mom breaking in
is that the edge will get too sharp for her  &
the pressure on her emotionally to stressful & it
will end in her hanging herself is suicide of another

her constant breaking will add up in time
emotionally till she can't take the edge she is
sharpening in her psyche till she snaps &
commits suicide, bout the way i see it for
her breaking in & trying to get my goat,
those kinds of things always grow in the
darkness till it his your awareness of
wakeful part of her consciousness,

if those not mine do my rituals I am lead to
believe they may end up with cancers &
ALS & dysentery among others, the DNA
 is different, I believe there are 6 differentials
 after the ascent of the righteous & wicked
 ascents which are the bread to fish to egg
or stone to serpent to scorpion,

the place I get this scripturally is from the
book of Acts & the seven sons of Sceva,
go read it, all are not one, there are divides
among those & these,

dairy before acids like lemon juice etc, I am
now testing if it activates the hormones in
beef stock,

kissing the hand like a rosiry is taken from
the days before Job, in the book of Job he
says he doesn't pass by & kiss his hand,
this is a holla to the cruxing of people as
thus was a sacrifice to the sun gods like
Moloch or Lucifer who is the commonly
known solar Deity,

people pass by a guy on the cross & they
kiss thier hand, in I believe it is Corinthians
I could be wrong, Paul says it is a shame
for Jesus to be associated with or hang o0
a cross cuz basically in those days cruxing
wasn't just a punishment but a sacrificial
rite for those sun gods like Moloch,

The cross is also called a Tau which is
basically just a T, Paul says it is a shame for
the Lord to be associated with a cross cuz
essentially it is the Son og Jehovah sacrificed
 to the Sun God Moloch who is an enmity
to Jehovah, all the games in Vespasian s
 Amphitheater or commonly called the
Colosseum were games as a sacrificial rite
to gods like Diana, basically the games
were deffo entertainment but also as a
sacrificial rite to mainly Diana, the goddess
 of the hunt, another translation of Isis or
 Ishtar or Astarte or Ashtaroth, or today

I am lead to believe that April Fool's day
 is a mock on Jesus they fool they cal,
possibly being hung on such a day, my
theory on April 1st,

mental illnes is basically people in the wilderness
no different than Jesus,  mental illness is basically
 people trying to wrangle strong birds or women,
 that is mental illness in a nutshell, the wilderness
 no different than Jesus in his 40 days, & the
 beasts which were just bulls etc trying to give him
one of their women instead of him receiving the
holy ghost, those beasts he fought were all bulls
trying to train him in their ways, dat it yo,

the parable in Conan by James Earl Jones'
character is basically the whole bible, women
or birds, basically, nope, essentially the entire
bible is about women or birds, do you see
pastors talking about it though, nope, scum
pastors acting up pharisees & hiding the true
meaning of the bible which is pure & totally
about women or birds or the room in eastern

 what pastors don't know what a bird is, then
you aren't full enough to teach, cuz the entire
 bible is about the room or birds, all Jesus ever
talked about was the room, hence Revelations
3:20, pure the room or women, people getting
married or given in marriage, yep, bitches or birds,

a message I sent to Arnold Schwarzeneggars site

 the parable that James EarlJones said in the
Original motion Picture of Conan is pure scripture,

the entire bible is that one parable,

the entire bible is about birds or women or prostitutes,

Jay said that the prostitutes & tax collectors would
 enter heaven before the righteous,

if you don't know what a woman is you don't know
what a prostitute is, & Paul said the saved would
judge creation, sounds like tax collectors to me huh,
the big secret of church is that pastors neglect talking
 about Jesus message which was all about women &
birds, all Jesus spoke of was in allegory of birds or
women but pastors neglect that, why,

if pastors don't know what a bird is they have no salt,
if they know & don't expose it then their salt has lost it's saltiness,

if pastors don't talk about birds they are no disciple of the Lord's,

Revelations 3:20, booyah, the room that even Baghuan
Rajnesh spoke of in the eastern meditation, the room or birds or no hand, all the same thing,

no hand the room is all about the birds or Siddhartha & the budhha in Herman Hesse's book, it's all women so why don't pastors talk about it, in Jesus day & still now they keep the dirt under the rug & don't expose these things whyI don't know but I do know it is full of wickedness that they do this for,

go in peace brother, please spread this word, most people who think they are unsaved are actually saved & don't know it,

pastors though & religiodites, nope, no way, if you know the secret of the word & don't share it you are blinding people for the truth of the scriptures,

yep, the parable of the serpent as I call it, my god, one of the most beautiful scenes in modern film, god, that film was massive, revolutionary for it's time & even now in the days of pomp & circumstance,

yep, birds, the entire bible, Jesus talking about the room& of women& birds,

peace brother,

share this, it has more than what I gave you here, it will blow UR nuts away, haha, god read if you want some scientific answers to the scriptures,I know you are very exceedingly intelligent, this post on my blog will speak to that, a common sensibility, big on intelligence & reason & realism,

the entire realism in hollywood is from my emails & twitters to studios, Heracles with KellanLutz, the realism is mine, I sent them snipets of my experiences & the realistic stuff for heros,

check this,I have badgered @USAgov & @mossadii for a realistic Capt America, you know when some quit smoking they gain weight, well weaponize it to bulk military with 30-40-50 lbs of mass & train in the leau for solid gains, & to switch right & left ear buds on MP3 players, the switch forces the 2 hemisphers to learn the change of structured sound forces a learning curve, intelligence senses even consciouness, unless you do it on a regular basis you can't understand how huge it is, takes a bit of time to add up, switch back & forth, but yep, a trained mind the corpus colosum it's self explanatory & boy if you do it long enough the consciouness awareness even, god it's huge,

contemplate, weaponized cigarettes & the era buds a realistic Capt America, weaponized cigarettes, massive huh, yep realistic capt america bro,

massive huh, oh ya dude,

peace to your house friend & a guy who taught me alot just by you being you,


mental illness is basically people in the wilderness
trying to wrangle their birds no different than Jesus
in the wildness for 40 day, if yiu have a strong bird
it takes you through the wilderness,  the beasts that
Jesus fought in the wilderness were bulls who are
 guys who took a demonic bird at the cross roads,
the beasts he fought were guys trying to give him
one of their birds, there, that is the wilderness &
 mental illness, booyah,

when Jesus told the parable of a man & his death
that his wife is free to remarry, this was his point
 over his death, Jesus death was the divorce writ
for Jacob to be free to marry another cuz the
murder of Jesus was the divorce writ & now Jacob
 is without the Lord as a husband cuz his death
 was the divorce writ, yep, Jacob got seperated
from their husband in Jesus death,

 I know you'll appreciate this my friend,

the bible is a book of scientific secrets,

wine glass with a 20 gram weight on the

the nation of Jacob walks around Jericho
7 days & the earth's orbit stops to create
24 hours of day,

a wine glass with a 20 gram weight on it,

imagine if everyone threw all their gold
into the ocean like I believe will happen
one of these days,

you nut s guy's toe, will he walk the same,

a wine glass with a 20 gram weight on it,

a book of scientific secrets, if you are
realistic when you read it, it ain't about

milk before lemon juice, base before acid,
wanna see if base before acid creates a
HGH activation from dairy & cattle steroids
to create an atmosphere for growth &
mutation or in the least augmentation,

many times when people quit smoking they
gain weight, also I have an easy nuero
 therapy involving switching sides on your
ear buds,switching the sides increases
sensory perception consciousness &
intelligence, now if you weaponized the
gain of weight from quit smoking & used
my ear bud therapy, easily you could
end up in time with a realistic Captain
of America, switching sides on the ear
 buds creates a learning curve by crossing
the corpus colosum,  it creates an
atmosphere for the brain to learn what
usually is made for the other hemisphere,
switch8ing sides opens a learning curve
due to new stimulation,

Matthew 21: 31

Which of the two did the will of his father?
” They said, “The first.” Jesus said to them,
“Truly, I say to you, the tax collectors and
the prostitutes go into the kingdom of God
 before you

prostitutes are that of women or birds or
the demonic while the tax collectors are
the human saved, unless you know what
 a woman or bird is this is over your head,

the bible is a book of sciences not UFOs
the way most pastors teach,

the most simple way to explain these two
 parables of Y'shua, the prodigal son is
about returning to the Lord after death to
be judged it's not redemption is it the gutting
of a bull in judgement as he returns to the
Father to be judged for his sin,

the 5 wise & foolish virgins is the same as
what Vlad Dracul did, make a banquet for
 the poor nail the door shut & burn down
the barn, there two parables done,

medusa being decapitated, in Genesis the
heel of the woman will bruise the head of
the serpent, the woman dies but the power
of the serpents still kill the Kraken who
could possibly be Y'shua,

high heels to keep the heel of the woman
of the head of the serpent, hunters cutting
the head of the serpent off, hair of women
in updos,

the 4 rivers of Eden, Pison or Pisces or Jesus
the white,

& Gihon of Ethiopia or Nijjarios, Lucifer the one
born off the banks of the Gihon in Ethiopia, the
very first African born, as Isaiah says you can't
change your color of skin like the Ethiopia or
the spots like a Cheetah & so neither can you
do good,

if you are racist to blacks, well the very first
African was Lucifer, eat that,

the 7 kingdoms of the Canaanites that Jacob
never conquered are 7 arch devils in reality
with the 8th being the kingdom of Egypt,  

there is script in the torah part of the bible
that talks about this, the 8th hidden is that
of Egypt, I am lead to believe there are 7
arch devils with the crown being the elements
of El Diablo, Lucifer, Satan

basically the word Satan means accuser &
that's about it,

unless you've been blazed by the holy ghost
you'll never get a thing out of the bible, only
the living can interpret the scriptures, if you
are dead to the word what will a cadaver
do to grow & learn, they are mute,

I imagine due to my severe exhaustion from the
last three years & the last year of vomiting &
suffocating on my new medication colozapine,
if I under went a surgery or formal torture I'd
easily die fast  & furiously from the trauma,

1 = light = the key to family, to open, alpha
3 = body fullness
4 = to break forth
5 = unity
6 = man
7 = whole
8 = complete
9 = unwhole
10= perfection
99 = incomplete
100 = birth
60 = perfection in man
400 = break forth in birth 
666 = birth of the perfection of man
777 = birth of the whole in perfection
77 = perfectly whole
9 = incomplete
99 = the perfection of being incomplete
1000 = Oxen, God, Omega,

my knowledge of numerology just started to
blossom when I got pinched & locked up the
psyche ward for around 8 or 9 months,

each day of creation for those of mammals or
trees or that in the ocean are allegorical of those
men who are symbolized by those creatures,
Trees are all a type of men in allegory, this is
why Jehovah told Jacob not to clear cut areas
they had  conquered, in the gospels a blind
man in his healing said he saw men as trees
walking, one more arrow in the quiver for
those who want to save the nature & habitat
of the forests,

those who clear cut or hunt or are butchers will
never pass to life, I imagine Jesus hated eating
lamb cuz he knew that was him, he probably
prefered beef to eat out of the judgement of the
prodigal son & the death & gutting of bulls being
the wicked in symbolic,

dunno if I posted this yet but I imagine Jacob
lost a lot of their first born in the 10th plague of
Egypt cuz they didn't wanna waste a good lamb
 but putting it's blood on the lintels, but i bet you
9 out of ten that the Egyptians knew that tale
from their mythologies & a lot of Egyptians
put blood on their doors, it was probably a
familiar myth to them,

in the book of revelations those of the locusts
that have stingers is like this, the locusts are
those of the righteous & have long hair as a
 woman meaning the righteous have the
 powers of those who have women they
have the power of those in the ascent of
 the power of the wicked being a scorpion,
the ascent of power of the wicked are
stone, serpent & yep the top a scorpion,

so the rigyteous in the last days will have
the same power scorpions have in their
power with a woman, the mouths of lions
 for that of Y'shua being the lion & having
 his tongue & handle on language & the
gift of tongues which is basically the
 re-iteration of allegories, they will afflict
 the wicked & the wicked will not be
able to die which means they will never
 be saved no matter how hard they may

in the book of Thessalonians that of the
 great falling away has been lost in
meaning for ages, back in Paul's day
they would have understood it but the
 meaning got lost over the yep Millennial
reign, after Y'shua died the Millennial
reign began, anyway, the great falling
 away that Paul talked about was a
falling away from sin & those falling
away becoming saved,

if you actually really understood the
scriptures people wouldn't hate so
much, in the book of Daniel those
who are described as wicked are
actually righteous beings, the little
horn is a man after the Lord's heart,
cuz the powers in heaven he is
talking about are those in the top
echelons of human power or
government, the defiance of the
wickedness of men's kingdoms,

I read a lot of an Aramaic New
Testament translation & the word
Elohim was fluttered back & forth
 from that of Jehovah & that of
Lucifer, unless you are sensitive to
the spirit you can't divide the word
 rightly as Paul said, in one of the
 books of the kings or summat,
 Naaman called Solomon Jedediah
cuz the lord favored him, this lord
wasn't that of Jehovah but Lucifer,
 not every time the scriptures say
 lord or Elohim does it mean Jehovah,
you need the blaze of the holy ghost
 to discern the scriptures,

in the torah part of scripture it says
 that the lord stayed at the inn
waiting to kill Moses, that wasn't
 the father Jehovah but the lord
Satan, like I said just cuz it says
lord or Elohim does it stand for

one of those heads deadly wounded
was that of Y'shua who rose again,
it is allegory for Y'shua, again miss
 interpretation due to the wicked
inclinations of men in power, it also
means the last man who will have
a deadly wound to his emotional
awareness or consciousness &
wake up & be blazed by the holy
ghost & wake up in terms of
 awareness & consciousness,

the first beast is the Lord & the
second beast with the mouth of
 a dragon is basically the same
story of the righteous being the
 locusts, he has a command on
speaking in the spirit that is like
the power of a scorpion stinger
or the powers of the wicked
with their women, he is basically
a man after the Lord who has
 the same powers of the wicked,
as pre Y'shua the righteous lived
 by the sweat of their brow while
the wicked had the power of the

& pretty much the only reason
the father sent Y'shua was that
 in the holy ghost now entering
the scene that the righteous would
 have the same & greater power
 than that of the crossroads in the
 baptism of the fire of the holy ghost,

Y'shua's talk on divorce was an allegory
of his divorce from Isarel as he was
their husband but on his death was the
divorce writ for Israel, & in his death
he was divorced from Israel so they
could marry another,

god talked to Noah huh, if I were a
laborer on the spire of the temple &
the guy I was with were like Peter &
said wow, Jesus you're so holy &
cool why don't you jump off the
temple cuz the angels love you so
 much cuz you are so cool, maybe if
you jump the angels will catch you,

so Jesus tells peter to get thou behind
 my Satan cuz you don't know god's
plan, so Noah cuts down a few trees
to make a fishing boat & then he
 decides he wants a yacht, so his wife
 says, love it I'd love a yacht to fish
 from, so Peter as Noah's wife tells
Noah to build a yacht & after a while
Noah gets the idea to travel with a live
stock so he begins to build an ark to
travel with then he sees clouds forming
as he trims more trees & then he thinks
what if it rains, so in here the ark is born,

in the end people will be getting married
& given in marriage,  this will be a holy
 thing, the righteous will be getting married
& being given in marriage, the book of
revelations 7 end time messages are for
the holy & a promise for them to succeed
& to rise, the end of days will be the turn
 of the righteous to prevail & not the wicked,

in Noah's day the wicked were in triumph
but in the end of days the promise will be
 for the righteous to prevail, end days
 messages are for the promise of the
 righteous to prevail, the new Nephilim
will be the righteous unlike how it was in
Noah's day, the righteous will prosper in
 marriage which is being baptized by the
 holy ghost & not the regular women
who are demonic,

in the end the Lord says people will be
getting married & be gicven in marriage,
this is that for the promise of the righteous
to meet the holy ghost at the crosssroads
 & more to be baptized by the holy ghost
than that of wicked women, in the end of
days the righteous will become the powers
 of the Nephilim cuz the end of days is for
 the promise of the holy not the wicked,

it has been said the end will be bad for
the saved but those who say that aren't
 in alignment of the truth of the message
 which is the saved to prevail & succeed,
 in the end is the redemption of the holy
& their succeeding, no mass slaughters
 of the holy but of them in triumph,

bulls or the ascent of the powers of the
wicked in stone to serpent to scorpion
are at enmity to Oxen or the ascent to
the powers of the righteous in bread to
 fish to egg,

basically an oxen which I am is the
power of the holy ghost, those oxen or
those empowered by the holy ghost
are at enmity to the bull or stone or
serpent or scorpion, if you desire the
power of the holy ghost you basically
 have one chance at the crossroads
to decide,

if you bull or scorpion that was your
one chance, you can't track back to
Ox yourself, if you were wicked like
Paul you have a chance but if you
were a religiodite & slipped you had
your chance,

Paul is the image for bulls to transverse
 the crossroads, but it took him through
 a vast of trials, if you desire the powers
of the holy ghost & you are a bull or
the ascent in a scorpion don't even bother
you'll never get it,

 one chance at the crossroads to decide,
 if you are a bull or the ascent of the
wicked in being a scorpion you'll get
 nothing of the holy ghost, the holy ghost
is at enmity to bulls stones serpent or

you can't track back the crossroads to
 get the holy ghost, if you so desire, the
 holy ghost is on the opposite side of
 that of stone serpent scorpion or bull,
you'll never get the holy ghost,

oxen is the last letter in hebrew & it means
1,000 or the power of God Jehovah, at
enmity to the ascent of the wicked in
stone serpent scorpion or bull, you
can't train oxen they do as they will,

it's the inclination of the heart that
decides the becoming a bull or oxen,

men create bulls, Jehovah creates Oxen,

the 1st beast of Revelations 13 is that of the
Lord Y'shia who died & came back from
the dead, the second beat with horns of a lamb
& the mouth of a dragon is the second prophet
who uses his power to make men worship the
Lord who is the first beast,

his mouth like a dragon is the term for his power
& his mouth being used for judgement against the
wicked, the inclinations of the wicked & pastors
or the religious who translated the scriptures did
so in error, you can bank on every monster
in scriptures being holy & sent from the Lord,

the beast who had the fatal wound & recovered
is that of the Lord Y'shua, the second beast is
the second prophet who makes all men bow
down to the Lord & confess that he is Lord,

the sour wormwood that kills people isn't
literal but allegorey for those who took a
sour spirit at the crossroads & in so their
spirit died, the burned up trees & grass
are all a type of person, as when a blind
was being healed by Y'shua the blind said
he saw men as trees walking, this is a sign,

in the torah part of scripture the Father
 Jehovah told Jacob not to clear cut in those
areas they conquered cuz they were trimming
themselves a tree or grass as a type of
person & now their land is barren& desert,

part of what King Hyram said to Solomon
 conned Solomon to clear his own forest to
 make the temple, yep, Hyram conned
Solomon out of his own forests in Israel,

when Jesus spoke of people needing to eat
his body & drink his blood, this was a modern
 practice in those days as the jewish were
cannibalistic, any who hung were eaten by
the ruling Pharisees,

the reason those who fell away was cuz they
were under the impression that Jesus came
for a physical kingdom & they thought how
do we have a king out of you if we need to
eat you, this is why so many fell away so fast,
cuz he was speaking on their terms of his death,

when Jesus said they needed to eat his body
& drink his blood they knew he was speaking
in the terms of crucifixion, & that was how his
rule would begin, so they all packed it in &
left cuz how does a dead rule, but his kingdom
is not of this world he told Pilate,

his early followers thought he was gonna be
a fleshly literal humanistic rule & not a thing
of the spirit which what Jesus was trying to
explain in the terms of how he would die
 being how his kingdom would rule,

I am lead to believe that when Naaman was
healed Elisha's servant cojouled his men into
helping him eat Naaman & in so garnering
 the power of his cleansing, but little did he
know the results, they were cannibalistic
 back then like eating the heart of your
enemy for power rites,

leprosy is near created by one thing, cannibalism,

cheers to my pastor friend who read this
& my updates, a day will come you can
use these teachings as you learn on your own
as well,

cheers to you sirs & ma'ams,

boiling elm tree twigs for tea,

next two days after tonight going to give
quitting cigarettes another try, if I have
motion in my diet or et al I will continue
& see if I get a weight bounce, see if I
get a here here in quitting one more time,
 my now cigarettes give me dry hands,
maybe this is a sign for possible motion
if I quit,

dry bombs, a ballistic that neuters the
 region for being able to house electronic
weapons, the dry ACDC nueters any
ACDC weapon & switches the ACDC
off cuz it kills any ACDC current where
with in,

aerosol petrol coagulants, an aerosol
that turns any liquid petrol into plastic
here by nuetring any petrol engine in the

cyclical turn off frequencies for roving
 for any frequency of electronic ballistics
 in the vicinity, duding those in the vicinity,

peter get though behind me satan,

 then satan told Jesus to jump the
temple ledge who told him was it
peter or the devil in peter, how
the devil tell Jesus to eat or bow
down, was it the devil, I trust
people just not the devil inside them,

peter get though behind me satan,

  just an insighjt, 4 women with not right
flora & fauna, try eating a 5 - 7 tbsp of
honey everyday to purify the system,

if a woman is in an STD situation see if a
 copious amount of honey will blaze your
yaya & clean it out in terms of the microbial
attachments of honey especially Australian,
 can't recall the name, but really try
something un pasteurized,

if porn studios go up in flames then the entire
global under ground economy will flatten the
worlds of finance & luxury, if porn goes
down then the entire world of economy &
finance will take a massive blow to the nuts,
porn is the globe's entire under ground
economy & if porn takes a blow to the
chuzpaz then the entire planet will get it's
 nuts handed to them,

I wonder if there were a dam holding water
back from the plains of Sodom & Gomorrah
 & that part of the light up for them was a
 dam being broken & the valley being filled
 in, just a guess, for the creation of the
dead sea,

my guess at John & the revelation of the
Apocalypse is whether someone slipped
him a mickey & he got re acquainted
with all the words he heard from the lord,
that the visions were by a drug cocktail
someone slipped him & it opened up to
him the remembrance of the words of the
Lord & it all came out in the way the
book was written as if it were a psychadelic
given him without him knowing & he
channeled the message that the opening
of the portal in his mind got in touch with
due to the cocktail he may have been given
& the remembrance of the Lord made the
 message as he wrote it,

the remembrance of the Lord & his words
brought out this channeled message in terms
to the remembrance of the words of the Lord,

my reason for this psychedelic cocktail
is that I have a person breaking into my
place on a regular basis with the aid of
 the local police & they are spiking my
food & this is like being baptized by the
holy ghost & it opens channels for the
intellect & creations on the vanguard of
sciences,  possibly if not for who ever is
breaking in & spiking my food with the
aid of the local police I'd not have the
 knowledge & insight or intellect I have of
scripture & sciences,

I wonder if Jesus melted & re-created
reality out of clay as I imagine his drink
& food could have been spiked with
psychedelics like Mandrakes,& the
 reason Jesus became God was cuz those
 who spiked his food & drink with
 psychedelics created a situation where
 Jesus was able to divide the lines &
create a new plastic world off the division
of his days in the wilderness & the
 dividing of the psychedelic & that of
reality & he was able to divide & create
out of it by placing a part from the
psychedelia into the reality world &
some from the reality world into the
 psychedelic & that he was able to
divide both worlds & remake them
 together in parts to create a new
world to even raise him from the dead
with the spiritual portals being opened
to the world of reality & he was able
to create a new creation with one hand
 & foot in the spiritual like world of the
 psychedelic & a hand & foot in the
 world of contemporary know realty,

possibly the spiking of Jesus food &
drink allowed him to remold reality in
a plastic fashion to even raise himself from
 the dead off the creation of a new reality
he made from the drugs possibly given him
 that he altered reality to do the things he
 did by cracking spiritual portals through
the possible him being drugged by
psychedelics & this gave him the power
 to divide & alter the two or more realities
given him,

edited now 18-12-2013 11:23 PM
tonight saw lotta shaznitat going down
in the spirit, not fairies & monsters but
reading the activities I  encountered
tonight, nope no monsters just reading
the activities & happening on this night,
reading between the lines on what I
experienced tonight,

oh baby, get ready cuz shaznitat is going
down, get ready to see the Lord in action,
if you are strong enough in the Lord you'll
be able to divine the situations you are in to
read in a divinsion of the spirit & the flesh what
the Lord is doing in your life & those around you,

get ready to see the Lord russle things up,
if I told you what I saw tonight & what it meant
if you are in the Lord, oh boy, you'll love the
next while as to when the Lord begins to
pull through in our lives what he showed me


how much porn & christian media one
brand like Viacom has,

what, where am I supposed to get clean water,

if people have a problem with gravity don't
bother brining it to me I never created it,
I( just laugh at those who have no handle
on realithy the way it was created to weed
out the idiots for those who have a modicum of

how many in positions of power thought
 God wanted them to kill people,one of
Jerry Falwells last quotes was I hope George Bush
blows em all away in the name of the Lord,

so who was his God, hmm,

if I don't know what I'm talking about don't
bother dropping by to ask me anything then,

what the pillar of american health doesn't smoke,
go watch a film bruv,

if Jerry Falwell likes people dead maybe he's
finally enjoying himself, see ya bro,

Matthew 7:15

 King James Bible
Beware of false prophets, which come to
you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they
are ravening wolves.

Joshua wasn't just talking about false prophets 
but from Genesis 49:27

King James Bible
Benjamin shall ravin as a wolf: in the morning
he shall devour the prey, and at night he shall
divide the spoil.

revelations 13

The Beast out of the Earth

11 Then I saw a second beast, coming out of 
the earth. It had two horns like a lamb, but it 
spoke like a dragon.  

12 It exercised all the authority of the first beast
 on its behalf, and made the earth and its
 inhabitants worship the first beast, whose 
fatal wound had been healed.

13 And it performed great signs, even causing 
fire to come down from heaven to the earth 
in full view of the people.  

14 Because of the signs it was given power to 
perform on behalf of the first beast, it deceived
 the inhabitants of the earth. It ordered them 
to set up an image in honor of the beast who 
was wounded by the sword and yet lived.

15 The second beast was given power to give 
breath to the image of the first beast, so that
 the image could speak and cause all who 
refused to worship the image to be killed.

16 It also forced all people, great and small, 
rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a 
mark on their right hands or on their foreheads,

 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they
 had the mark, which is the name of the beast 
or the number of its name.

18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who 
has insight calculate the number of the beast, 
 for it is the number of a man.[e] That number is 666.

the wolf in sheeps clothing is that of the
second beast, he has the mouth of a dragon,
he is Genesis 49:27,

he is not a wicked but another form of prophet,

he is sheep trully but like that of Elijah he
uses the power of God as a weapon to
destroy the wicked,

the second beast with the horns of a lamb 
& the mouth of a dragon is like unto how
Elijah was, in being of the Lord but viscious
to the wicked,

the mouth of a dragon is the visage of a righteous
who speaks power, not as a wicked but as it
were having the powers of the Lord through the
same power as the wicked used to have,

the mouth of a dragon is the idea that he 
has no mercy fort the wicked & destroys
the way Elijah did with fire from heaven,

the second beast a righteous creates a tension
that all will worship the first beast who is 
the Lord & how as Y'shua died he revived 
from his death, & the second beast who is 
the character most call the anti-christ,
but if you look at Daniel 11:37 & you
know what a woman is, he rebuffs the
women who come to tempt him like 
they tried to tempt Jesus,

in Daniel the little horn speaks blasphemy
against the powers of heaven, this is of the 
Son of Perdition who is code named, &
he speaks actually versus the top eschalons 
of human powers not actually that of heaven 
but the top tiers of human power, the top
 tiers of human power here are called the 
powers of heaven, all code or tongues, 
the term for tongues is better called allegory 
& the whole bible is a book of tongues, 
code & allegory,

the wolf is sheeps clothing is a righteous
who in the sheep is viscious to the wicked,
he is not a wicked but a type of sleeper to
awake & dstroy the wicked & any who
do not worship the Lamb wgho is the first 

god would never give the wicked the ability
to rise from the dead, why would he, his 
son Jesus was the wounded head who revived,

the seven heads for the spirits, the horns, go
investigate, it is the Lord, all those monsters 
thought wicked are the righteous finally taking
control & using the same form of powers the 
wicked used to use,

if a guy with long hair were a wicked & he 
killed people, god would create a monster
with long hair & steal the visage of the long 
hair as a form of the power, if the guy had long 
hair & a spear, god would give his code guys 
long hair & spear in the vision,

the the wicked had pack dogs to hunt, God
would create a vision where the righteous
had dogs to hunt, the locusts with stingers, 
yep, the ascent of spiritual powers for the 
wicked are stone serpent & scorpion, so 
god gives the vision of the righteous with 
powers of a scorpion cuz he will never 
leave his own unprotected or unarmed,

has god ever raised a wicked person from 
the dead, pfft,

the guy who ended the 7 years peace treaty 
was Judas at the death of Jesus, & after that 
there was war, before Jesus the wicked were 
in control but after Jesus died & gave out the 
holy ghost then there was war,

the Millenial  reign began at the cross,

do people think that God is going to
equip the wicked, don't be stupid, 

the locusts with the hair of women is the 
term for the wicked & their women & that 
the righteous would also rule with the like 
power of women, if you know what a
 woman or bird is, then you catch my drift, 
the mouths of lions, meh, the Lion of Judah 
& his power, 

not a bank, not an arrow, 

most likely the angels sent to Babel & Sodom
& Gomorrah were just men & not literal angels,

if they were men they were guys who knew
their mustard & did a little dance & jig &
boom everything fell apart,

if they were just men, yep like Melchexzidek,
knew their mustard & knew how to talk &
act in order to create the dissolution of the
cohesion of those societies,

like Joshua might have conned people into 
think if they all got cruxed that they could
rise & be gods,

a virus they created in the social consciousness,
like telling everyone about Y2K & people 
losing their nuts, I imagine even Y2K saw
an amount of people on medication out of
the fire & hysteria of the fear mongering,

like guys who try to assasinate the pope 
or Reagan, people falling for the bait,

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