Tuesday, 24 December 2013

one quote from Joshua, updates,

Joshua said something like,

how kings & rulers would have done
anything to hear the secrets that Jesus
shared with them, near to the point that
 even the angels would have loved to
look into those things they learned,

but no kings came up to Jesus to find
those things out,

one more juxtapose from Joshua,


if they couldn't get their one world government
with Nimrod & the tower of Babel, what you
think people have evolved more than Nimrod
& his failure at the tower,

Nimrod was a genius at sciences & technology
I imagine but all it took were a few guys to
show up & the entire construction went down
the chute,

what people are different from them,

people & their stupidity never changes &
neither do their inclinations for power
control & again, yep, failure,

end of discussion,

if you think the globalists are going to succeed
you aren't a very good student of history are you, 

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