Monday, 30 December 2013

the jesus I never knew

in a day when the state of Israel ruled
by the Roman Empire was at a reluctant
peace due to the Roman over see of power,

a day when there are upstarts trying to stir
a nation to fight back control from the Empire,

terrorists rising from the land of Israel trying
to create a rally to take back their nation,

one by one new leaders being bred by the
Pharisees to take the heat & make a move
to separate from the Roman Empire,

the days, small factions in the desert coming
up against Roman waves coming in to
bring peace back with a hard hand,

then one day there is a man, a man head
& shoulders larger than his peers, a man
named Joshua,

Joshua starts out as a meek & well tempered
man, as he tries to teach peace to his people
& reason with them as a woman in marriage to
the Roman Overlords it's husband,

some treat Joshua with joy & adulation, a very
intelligent man, he knows the leaf & root of
medicine, he knows rock, stone branch & leaf,
he knows meat & blood & bone,

he hears the voices in the wind, he in his
thirties is a laborer on the temple of Herod,
he hears the voice of the spirit, he evangelizes
his Jehovah to those around, one day he is
up on the spire of the temple placing things
together & his work mate a top antagonizes
the Joshua,

the work mate says, "oh Joshua look at you,
you are so holy & righteous, here's a plan for
you, how about you jump off the temple
ledge I'm sure that Jehovah would send a
legion of angels to save you, like the psalmist
said not a foot will be dashed, go jump oh
holy Joshua"

Joshua replies, "you know what satan, if I could
escape such a fall on my own & sprouted wings
I'd probably jump like you said, but if I don't
need the doting from God to eat I'll stick to
mutton thank you,"

in time restlessness from fellow laborers gets
Joshua to lose his job know that most if not
all the revisions of the architecture was his,
they let him go,

in time as Joshua heals the fellows of his nation
with roots & leaves, mud from the Dead Sea's
beaches & ointments made from local fruits,

the day of the Lord's wrath begins, as the newly
minted Joshua & his disciples travel the nation &
Joshua meets the hearts of stone, he changes
from the cordial meek soft hearted leader to
a man full of anger & rage for those trying to
stifle him & buck the Father Jehovah & His
placement of Israel under the rule of Rome,

Joshua now frustrated with his people begins
throwing over tables in the synagogues &
beating up Pharisees & swearing & getting
violent & full of the Day of the lord as he
begins to fight back against the religious
ruling class with course language & fisticuffs,

all to culminate in his scourging before a
crucifiction that never takes place as the
centurians scourge Joshua so bad that he
dies only three quarters to a full hour into
his scourging, the plan to hang him, but
alas the scourging proved to brutal for
the insurgent to last even one hour before
he dies,

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