Friday, 6 December 2013

animals passing notes for vengeances met

when people hunt & kill animals the
animals involved pass intel through
a line of other animals & people by
way of the ocular,

animals on a whole are friends when
humans are involved, alone animals
do their business, but when humans
enter in all animals are one,

animals pass intel to make sure
offenders are dealt with &
dispatched by those animals near
the end of the line when those
humans involved meet their fate
by animal,

each animal can understand the
due date for humans involved in
hunting or putting animals in captivity,
animals know to the day their
vengeance is met, animals like a
spouse beaten are in aggravation
but wait patiently for the day of
wrath, they wait & see in the eyes
of other animals & humans the date
for vengeances due an animal
hunted or put in captivity,

killing predators is an unpardonable

like a word Jesus spoke, it is that
offenses come, but woe to those
through whom they come,

in the ancient days of the Book of
Noah the fallen angels mostly inhabited
the host of animals & had the powers
of gods, they mated with people &
had what we call the Nephilim, half
man animal warriors, the lineage of
animals is that of spiritual royalty, any
who kill animals are encroaching on
the lives of those fallen angels who
animals hosted,

the animals playing host to the fallen
angels make animals a type of hallow
due to the fallen angels in those animal

in my opinion the minotaur would have
been the top god of those days, if the
hearts of wicked men tried to profit
off the death of those gods in art or
war to kill the old ones those men
would never have a god or half god to
be endearing to those men cocked off
killing the image or stature of that of
the gods being in an animal or in art,

no one wants others to be empowered
by the death of one's self or those in
the said family, you can't kill the epitome
of a being or posterize it & expect to
get fans of those being killed in likeness
or in melody like as done in lets say art,

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